‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Glen Powell Thinks His Mom Is ‘in the Midst’ of Watching the Movie for a 14th Time

by Joe Rutland

On National Cinema Day, Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell received a very interesting message from his mother at the movies. She might have been watching her son’s film starring Tom Cruise for the second or third time. But the 14th time? That’s what Powell infers in this tweet that he sent out on Saturday. Now, you also can see a tweet from Regal Cinemas talking about the deal happening on Saturday.

You can go to some select movie chains and see a movie for just $3. That’s right. You can get your ticket for just $3 and go watch Top Gun: Maverick. The movie looks to make a couple of new records on the box office level over the long Labor Day holiday weekend. It’s possible that it’ll pass Black Panther for a box office mark, too. Well, let’s see what Powell is tweeting about on a Saturday.

Glen Powell of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Reflects On Tom Cruise Saying

Powell recently talked about the immense “pressure” they were under to create the sequel. “Tom said this phrase, ‘Pressure’s a privilege.’ When there’s [an] expectation on something, it also means there’s a lot of opportunity,” Powell said. “You just never know if someone’s going to continue being in your life after you wrap a movie, it’s just sort of hit or miss,” the actor told People Magazine. “I’ve just been grateful [for] how Tom has been so involved in my career and how he checks in to make sure the changing of my life is going well and to see what I’m working on next and if I need any help with it. He’s just such a special friend. I’m just so grateful that he’s as cool, if not cooler, than you would hope he’d be.”

What does Top Gun: Maverick producer Jerry Bruckheimer think about Cruise’s Oscar possibilities? While he may like them, he also knows that the decision is up to an organization. “That’s up to the Academy,” he said in an interview. “Not up to us. But everybody likes to get awards and be acknowledged for their accomplishments – and there’s nothing more important than an Academy nomination or award for filmmakers.”

Director Joseph Kosinski happens to look at how the movie performs like those 1980s blockbusters used to back in the day. “This is how movies used to play in the 80s,” Kosinski said. “[Producer] Jerry Bruckheimer would tell me stories about [movies he produced sitting] in theaters all summer long. Seeing this happen has been pretty phenomenal.” With the movie still in theaters on National Cinema Day, plenty of people have the chance to see it again and again. What an amazing run for Tom Cruise and his cohorts in the movie.