‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Actor Glen Powell Revealed the Bad News Cast Got After Filming Shirtless Beach Scene

by Alex Falls

Top Gun: Maverick is still tearing up the box office with its blend of nostalgia with new school action. But one scene, in particular, has taken the internet by storm. The viral, shirtless football scene on the beach between Maverick and the young guns.

The breakout star from the film, Glen Powell, was one of the many co-stars who took part in the scene. He and his fellow co-stars felt the pressure of the scene to make sure their bodies were sculpted and beach-ready. Maintaining that kind of physique is hard work. It requires strict dieting and exercise.

In an interview with USA Today, Powell discussed the challenges that came with preparing for the scene. Not only do they want to look good, but they want the scene to move the story forward.

“When anyone and everyone found out I was making this movie, they told me: ‘You know you’ve got to have a volleyball scene. It’s not a ‘Top Gun’ movie without it,’ ” Powell said. “But it can’t just be a random montage. It has to push the story forward.”

What Happened After Filming the Famous ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Scene?

Getting it just right took a lot of work from the cast and crew. Powell recalled the day before shooting the now-famous scene, he and his male co-stars worked out vigorously in the gym and loaded up on protein. Also, the next day they all even went back to get one last pump. Things seemed to go off without a hitch while filming. As such, Powell and his co-stars treated themselves to a major cheat day to reward their hard work. But the meal was interrupted by some bad news.

“We lived it up,” Powell said. “Then we get a call right after dinner. It was like: ‘We got the vibe, but we need more. We’re going to have to reshoot in a couple of weeks.’ Right then, we took down more tater tots than a human has ever eaten.”

Tom Cruise leads the young cast at the age of 59. His age seems to be a non-factor as the movie star is in just as fine shape as his younger co-stars. In fact, Cruise put his co-stars through some intense physical preparation for the film. Cruise’s personal trainer, Jason Walsh, said in an interview with US Magazine that Cruise was driven to get the cast in shape for the sequel. So much so, that it added a tremendous sense of realism to the film.

“I knew Tom was gonna put these guys through it and he definitely did,” Walsh said. “You can see it on their face. When they’re doing this, they’re not faking it. This is real.”

Top Gun: Maverick is currently playing in theaters to huge critical acclaim and audience appreciation.