‘Top Gun: Maverick:’ History Repeats Itself As Aviator Sales Soar

by Megan Molseed

The original Top Gun film hit theaters in 1986, bringing in some record-breaking audiences as the film quickly made cinematic history. After all, Top Gun is certainly the film that sealed Tom Cruise’s success as one of the world’s most sought-after movie stars. And, this massively popular film also inspired a major public interest in aviator-style shades. The same shades that are worn by Cruise’s iconic Top Gun character, Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

Now, history is quickly repeating itself as this iconic Top Gun look is once again making a splash. The film’s sequel, Top Gun: Maverick is yet again inspiring massive sales of aviator-style shades.

Everyone Wants Some Aviator Shades After Top Gun: Maverick Breaks Records At The Box Office

Top Gun: Maverick hit the theaters in early summer, blowing past some long-held records. The long-awaited sequel to the 1986 blockbuster has grossed over a billion dollars across the globe. It has also brought with it the popularity of something else…the iconic Top Gun aviator sunglasses. This is a case of Deja Vu in the sales world as the original Top Gun film spurred the same spike in sales back in 1986.

A recent Bloomberg report notes that sales of one particular style of Ray-Ban shades, the RB3025 aviators are up in sales. This of course comes as Maverick continues to break some impressive records.

These shades, Top Gun fans know, are the same ones that Cruise’s Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell sports in the popular films. In fact, this has happened before. After the release of the 1986 film, aviator shade sales spiked by nearly 40%. This happened within just months of the film’s massively successful release.

These Aviator Shades Are Almost As Good As Mavericks…Almost

It’s a great way for fans of the wildly successful and popular films to score part of the iconic Top Gun look. It’s certainly possible to order the same brand and style that Cruise’s Maverick sports in the films. However, finding a perfectly identical pair isn’t in the cards. After all, the aviators the iconic actor is sporting in both films are custom-made.

“Tom is a stickler,” notes Marlene Stewart shortly after the film was released in June. Stewart worked on the set of Top Gun: Maverick helping to plan the character’s look for the much-anticipated sequel. A look, Stewart notes, that would undoubtedly include the famous shades.

“We had many, many fittings for the glasses,” Stewart relates of the “classic Ray-Bans. “A style that has also been the one Cruise sports in real life. The star is often spotted wearing this popular aviator style at a variety of events, including during an appearance at the Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows aerobatic team recently in Gloucestershire England.

“When we had a fitting with Tom, we knew of course that the aviators were going to be on board,” the costume designer recalls. “That was never a question.”