‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Maintains Box Office Success Amid Popular Releases: See the Numbers

by Megan Molseed

The latest Top Gun film installment, Top Gun: Maverick may be facing some major competition at the box office this summer. However, the record-breaking film is certainly holding its own continuing to see unprecedented success among audiences throughout the country.

Top Gun: Maverick hit theaters in late May, and audiences flocked to the theaters to catch the much-anticipated Top Gun sequel. And, within days, this popularity paid off as Maverick began breaking all kinds of box-office records. However, since then, the Tom Cruise flick has faced some big competition as the summer of 2022 brings movie-goers some impressive blockbusters.

Top Gun: Maverick Faces Some Strong Competition As the 2022 Summer Blockbuster Season Gets Underway

Top Gun: Maverick ruled the silver screen for the first few weeks after the film’s long-awaited release. However, it was soon pushed out of the top spot when the Baz Luhrmann Elvis Presley biopic, Elvis hit theaters early last month.

In the meantime, Top Gun: Maverick faced further competition when Jurassic World: Dominion hit the big screen; as well as those adorably impossible-to-understand yellow minions in Minions: The Rise of Gru. A film that quickly grabbed the number one spot this weekend.

However, this did not slow Maverick down much at all. The widely beloved Top Gun sequel which stars Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Val Kilmer, Glen Powell, and Jennifer Connelly remains high up on the blockbuster list; maintaining a number two spot for the holiday weekend. In total, Maverick raked in over $33 million through the Monday, July 4 holiday.

Maverick May Have Dipped Just A Bit At The Box Office, But It’s Still Flying High!

Since its opening weekend, Top Gun: Maverick has fallen 12.8%. Small numbers, really, when you’re working with the massive numbers the film is showing. Maverick’s global sales total stands at a jaw-dropping $1.11 billion at the start of this week.

And, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, either. In fact, as much as 16 percent of the film’s audience are repeat viewers; hoping to catch another glimpse of the modern-classic this sequel is destined to become.

Top Gun: Maverick Is Headed Towards A Long Box Office Run In The Theater

The original Top Gun film hit the big screen in 1986. An instant hit, the Tom Cruise flick remained in theaters for nearly a year after its release. Something we don’t see too often anymore these days with the many, many streaming opportunities available to us at home. However, notes Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst the recent numbers of the newest Top Gun film may lead to this installment to a trend set by its predecessor, enjoying an extended run in the movie theaters.

“The first Top Gun played for almost a year in theaters,” Dergarabedian notes.

“That was obviously a much different time,” the senior media analyst continues, adding that this was “when films opened in many fewer theaters and weren’t dealing with streaming and the different dynamics of the modern movie marketplace.” But, Dergarabedian continues, Top Gun: Maverick’s success is going against this newly established tradition of streaming our films at home.

“I think that, clearly, this is a movie that’s going to go against tradition,” the analyst explains. “By having the legs that movies enjoyed back in the ’80s.”