‘Top Gun: Maverick’s Miles Teller Reveals Funny Detail About Viral Dance Scene

by Shelby Scott

Top Gun: Maverick quickly became the highest-grossing film of Tom Cruise’s decades-long career, further solidifying his already-legendary status in Hollywood. However, the action film also tossed another remarkable star into the spotlight: Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw actor Miles Teller.

Teller has starred in big productions before. Several include The Spectacular Now, the 2011 Footloose remake, and, more recently, Netflix’s sci-fi thriller Spiderhead. Now, his role in Top Gun: Maverick has become a hallmark for what promises to be a long career. That said, it’s his viral dance scene from the movie that truly made him an internet sensation. Interestingly though, Miles Teller admitted that following the movie’s debut, he had “no idea” his jig was even filmed.

Behind the Scenes of The Mile Teller Dance GIF

Per CinemaBlend, Miles Teller revealed that the now-viral scene from Top Gun: Maverick was actually inspired by a classic movie. Specifically, he said, “I always knew that dance as the Weekend at Bernie’s dance.” And while it found inspiration there, the Top Gun sequel’s set was not the first place he’d tested out that move.

Teller explained, “That was a move that me and my buddies would just bust out at parties and shit.” More importantly, it was about not “taking yourself too seriously.”

He further revealed, while speaking about his GIF-worthy moment, “to be fair…when we did that scene, nobody knew when the camera was on them because we just kind of did some stuff and they were just running it. So I had no idea that they even caught that moment.”

Whether or not Miles Teller had actually been aware at the time of the beach scene’s filming, his Weekend at Bernie’s dance fit the vibe of Top Gun: Maverick perfectly. And now, weeks following the movie’s debut, we couldn’t imagine the sequel without it.

Miles Teller’s Grandmother Says ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Tom Cruise is ‘Delightful’

Miles Teller’s grandmother had nothing but positive things to say about her 35-year-old grandson following the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. She gushed over his talent as well as his good looks. In fact, her belief in him is so strong that she feels positive he could become the next James Bond. However, she wasn’t shy about gushing over her first meeting with Hollywood icon Tom Cruise either.

During a recent interview, Teller’s grandmother, Leona Flowers, recalled her time spent with the Pete “Maverick” Mitchell actor during the movie’s red carpet premiere. Overall, she said Cruise was absolutely “delightful.” Not only that, by the end of the star-studded event, Flowers had become the veteran actor’s official plus-one.

“I didn’t get to meet Tom Cruise until the premiere,” she explained to the outlet, “and he is just the most delightful person. He held my hand, we talked for a while together and at the end of our conversation, he turned to the crowd and he said, ‘She’s my date for the night.'”

If you didn’t already adore Tom Cruise, his date night with Leona Flowers is sure to make you fall for him.