‘Top Gun: Maverick’: The Most Important Moment From the Film That Flew Over Fans’ Heads

by Samantha Whidden

While “Top Gun: Maverick” continues to be a huge hit in theaters, it’s been revealed that the most important moment of the action-packed film flew over many moviegoers’ heads. 

In a Fox News opinion piece, Alvin Townley reveals the important moment in “Top Gun: Maverick” going completely unnoticed. “During my first watching, the scene entirely escaped notice,” Townley explained. “Producers had sandwiched it between mission-centered drama and supremely distracting high-G maneuvers. But in my second screening, I caught it.”

Townley said the scene occurs before Tom Cruise’s character leads three other F/A-18 Super Hornets in the movie’s climactic mission. The scene breaks into two segments in which one lasting around 1.5 seconds and the second close to four seconds. “To me, these are the most meaningful seconds of the film,” Townley declared. “The initial second-and-a-half shows the hangar deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.”

Townley noted that in the scene, the six stars of “Top Gun: Maverick” (Maverick, Rooster, Payback, Phoenix, Bob, and Fanboy) are standing in front of row after row of aviation personnel. The rows of men and women dressed in shirts of various colors, look like a rainbow. “Without them, nobody’s getting a jet into the air. They are the indispensable and unsung team members who have maintained and prepared the aircraft that will fly the mission.”

Townley says while everyone loves the “sunglasses-wearing figures in flight suits,” the characters are just the “tip” of a long spear. “Each man and woman aboard Theodore Roosevelt makes it possible for these aviators to drop ordinance on a target and accomplish the ship’s collective mission of advancing national security.”

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Recognizes Aviation Personnel Throughout the Film 

Townley further explained that while the three-star admiral in charge of the mission, Cyclone, addressed the assemblage in the hangar deck, he wasn’t speaking to the six stars. 

“Initially, I thought Cyclone was just speaking to the six officers about to climb into the cockpits,” Townley also shared. “He wasn’t. Cyclone was addressing everybody on the carrier, especially those working the flight deck. They’d trained relentlessly for their specific duties, and success that day required them to shine as brightly as the aviators and flight officers. It was their mission, too.”

Townley goes on to write that while he is a civilian in the naval aviation world, he found that scene of the film to be extraordinary and surprising. “The film gives you a glimpse thereof if you’re quick enough to catch it. I discovered a shipboard team of unsurpassed ability and sense of mission. I witnessed an operation that strengthens our country by protecting it from enemies. And I saw how that operation also manufactures the citizens America herself needs to thrive.”

Townley then addressed moviegoers by encouraging them to pay close attention to that scene. “Take a moment to realize you’re watching heroes work together, a navy and a country at its best.”