‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Perfectly Recreated This Exact Shot From the Original 1986 Movie

by Samantha Whidden

As “Top Gun: Maverick” continues to dominate at the box office, director Joseph Kosinski reveals that the film recreated an iconic shot from the original 1986 movie. 

During his appearance on the CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend Podcast, the “Top Gun: Maverick” shares more details about the scene. “I did have a couple of the camera operators who worked on the original film,” Kosinski recalled. “I had a number of crew members who worked on the original film of our film. And one of them was the ground-to-air operator. And he told me a lot of their ground-to-air stuff was shot on a specific mountain peak in Nevada, looking down into the training valley.”

The “Top Gun: Maverick” director said he and his crew went back to the exact peak and shot their ground-to-air stuff from the same place, 35 years later. Kosinski described the experience as being pretty awesome. 

Meanwhile, “Top Gun: Maverick”  recently surpassed $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Deadline reports that the film is only the second movie during the COVID-19 pandemic to reach the milestone. The number includes domestic estimated $521.7 million and $484.7 million from the international box office. 

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Director John Kosinski Talks Being a Little ‘Nerve Wrecked’ Over Audience Reactions 

While speaking to ScreenRant last month, “Top Gun: Maverick” director John Kosinski opened up about the nerve-wracking feeling of the audience’s reaction to the film.  “Yeah. I mean, it’s a little nerve-wracking,” Kosinski explained. “Because we know we love the film, but you just never know how an audience is going to react – especially to something so beloved.”

Kosinski also said that everyone has their own version of memory of their first film or what they loved about it. “I hope people see how much we revere the first film and, at the same time, we wanted to tell our own story. Based on that screening, we came out of it feeling really good.”

Meanwhile, Kosinski spoke about how “Top Gun: Maverick” pays homage to the original film. This included a scene where the pilots were playing football in wet jeans. “That was one of those scenes that, when people heard I was starting to prep this movie, everyone was asking me about the beach scene,” Kosinski recalled. “I knew that was something we couldn’t avoid. The trick was how we work it into the story. I didn’t want to just do the scene for the sake of doing it.”

In regards to the scene with Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise, Kosinski added, “We like the idea that Iceman, as you remember, won the ‘Top Gun’ trophy in 1986. In fact, you see it on the wall in that scene. And he stayed in the Navy and continued his way up the ranks. Now, he’s basically as high as you can go, whereas Maverick stayed a captain.”