‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Speaks Out About Potential Sequel: ‘Gotta Wait and See’

by Chris Piner

Before starring in Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise landed the lead in the original film Top Gun 36 years ago. While most sequels find it incredibly difficult to keep the same momentum as the original, Top Gun: Maverick did more than keep the same tone and feel as it dominated the box office. In its first 13 weeks in theaters, it landed in the top five twelve times at the box office. With the blockbuster becoming the highest-grossing film of the year with $1.4 billion, fans continue to ask if Cruise will jump back into the cockpit for another sequel. Although not thinking much about the future, director Joseph Kosinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer discussed the possibility of a third film. 

With Top Gun: Maverick beating both Titanic and Avengers: Endgame, Joseph Kosinski admitted, “I don’t know if I’ve wrapped my head around it. I get the daily email from the studio, and I’m amazed every day that it continues to play. I’m thrilled that people liked the movie.” He continued, “I don’t think I’ve gotten any congratulatory emails. But to be in the company of those massive films is pretty mind blowing. It’s certainly not what we set out to do. We set out to tell a great story and make a great movie.”

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Admits Sequel Is Up To Tom Cruise

As for a sequel to Top Gun: Maverick, Joseph Kosinski appears to still be processing the success and praise. “After so much work, we’re obviously enjoying being out there and playing for people. We’re not really — at least I’m not really — thinking about the next one. I’m just enjoying this experience. It was a very special confluence of the right group of people in the right story at the right time.”

When speaking with Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the original and Top Gun: Maverick about a third film, he said, “You gotta wait and see if you get the right story, and if Tom wants to engage and play this character again. Does he want to put that jacket back on?”

Recently, actor Miles Teller revealed he was pitching a film surrounding his character Rooster. Excited about the creativity of the team, director Joseph Kosinski explained, “I’m glad that Miles is thinking about that. That’s great. But again, it’s always coming up with the right story that makes you go back to that world. So that’s something for Jerry and Tom to really think about. What would the story be that would get the band back together?”

While controlling the box office, Top Gun: Maverick is now available on digital release. But much like going to the movies, watching Tom Cruise perform his own stunts comes at a premium price of $19.99.