‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Jon Hamm Had the Perfect Response to Being Left Out of Beach Football Scene

by Taylor Cunningham

Jon Hamm was left out of Top Gun: Maverick’s now-trending beach football scene, and he’s not even the slightest bit bothered by it.

The infamous scene was meant to mirror the legendary volleyball game in the original movie. In that, Goose and Maverick take on some other Top Gun recruits, and, of course, all the pilots are shirtless.

In the new movie, the guys head to the beach for a sunset game of football—also shirtless. And clips from the scene are now trending on the internet, with the most popular being one that includes a split-second dance by Miles Teller.

But if you managed to look past Teller’s smooth moves, you would have noticed that Jon Hamm’s Adm. Cyclone was nowhere to be seen.

Jon Hamm Prefers to Keep His Shirt on

During a chat with Uproxx, the actor admitted that he was disappointed with a few aspects of his part in Top Gun: Maverick. Most notably, he hated that he couldn’t be in any of the flight scenes. But he takes no issues with being left out of the topless pigskin match.

“I was very happy to keep my shirt and my shoes on in that particular moment,” he admitted. “There’s something uniquely me about being on a beach, watching the sunset in loafers and socks.”

But even if Jon Hamm wanted to throw a few with the guys, it wouldn’t have made sense in the story. Cyclone is a high-ranking officer, so it wouldn’t have been appropriate for him to be playing football with the grunts. Also, he is generally one of the most unliked characters in the film.

Maverick does, however, join in on the fun because he lives outside the box when it comes it comes to proper officer behavior. And the fact that he does causes tension between him and the admiral. But the troubles with Cyclone and Maverick don’t begin or end with the football match.

Jon Hamm Plays the Antognist in ‘Top Gun: Maverick

In the story, Hamm plays the guy who is against everyone’s hero, Maverick. And while some actors would turn down starring in such an unlikeable role, Hamm takes great pride in his part.

As he told Rolling Stones, the writers made his character very practical and necessary in the plot. In Top Gun: Maverick, over three decades have passed since Cruise’s character went through training. And yet, he’s only a captain. So Cyclone is there to ask why he hasn’t moved through the ranks.

“His questions to Maverick are real. Like, ‘What are you doing? Why are you still a captain in the Navy? You should have been running things by now. And what’s your damage? What’s your malfunction?’ And we obviously know that Maverick, by definition, has an anti-authoritarian streak,” Hamm said.

“From my standpoint,” he added, ‘to be able to play the guy whose incredulity at Pete Mitchell’s capacity to succeed in this mission, it made sense.”