‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Lewis Pullman’s Next Project Announces Unfortunate Update

by Shelby Scott

Lewis Pullman and the rest of the cast of Top Gun: Maverick saw rave reviews for their performances following the premiere of the Tom Cruise film over the Memorial Day weekend. Weeks later, the new movie continues to do well at the box office. In fact, it is also attracting the praise of experienced military pilots. Now, almost two months following the film’s debut, Pullman had another major picture ready to premiere on the big screen. Sadly, though, the Top Gun: Maverick star’s newest project just received an unfortunate update.

Lewis Pullman took to the skies as Bob beside Top Gun: Maverick‘s headlining stars Tom Cruise and Miles Teller. Following his role as Bob, Pullman was set to take to the screen in Warner Bros.’ upcoming film, Salem’s Lot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Salem’s Lot is yet another Stephen King adaptation. It was set to premiere on September 9th of this year, which now, is just a few months away. As per the outlet, though, the Top Gun: Maverick’s star’s newest film will not debut until April 21st, 2023.

While Salem’s Lot’s delay is definitely a blow to Stephen King fans and horror buffs alike. However, it’s not the only brand new project to face scheduling changeups. Other affected projects include The Last Train to New York and House Party. Neither of these works have seen new premiere dates yet.

Following Top Gun: Maverick, Lewis Pullman’s part in Salem’s Lot will likely feel dramatically different. The upcoming horror film is based on King’s 1975 book of the same name. It centers around an author who, upon returning to his hometown, finds its residents are turning into vampires. The new film is directed by what the outlet deemed “veteran horror scribe” Gary Dauberman. James Wan Michael Clear, Roy Lee, and Mark Wolper are all working as the film’s producers.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’s Miles Teller Talks Potential Third Installment

It only took Tom Cruise 36 years to release Top Gun‘s long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick, so who knows when the film legend plans to release the franchise’s third installment? Well, as per a statement from Cruise’s costar Miles Teller, Top Gun 3 might be here even sooner than we think.

During a recent interview, Teller teased, “I’ve been having some conversations with [Tom Cruise] about [a third film]. We’ll see.”

Given Top Gun: Maverick‘s overwhelmingly positive performance at the box office, many audiences have already begun to crave a third installment. In fact, the Top Gun sequel performed so well, it has far surpassed the $1 billion mark, which, in turn, has made it the highest-grossing film of the year. Unfortunately for us, Teller’s statement isn’t entirely revealing. However, because the actor plays a critical role in the all-new film, we can only hope his statement is more than just a tease.