‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Speaks on Difficulty of Living Up to the Original Movie

by Chris Piner

Although Tom Cruise performs his own stunts and does whatever it takes to get the shot, including hanging off a plane, nobody guessed the massive success that followed Top Gun: Maverick. While both studios and fans questioned a cult classic movie making a sequel, when Top Gun: Maverick hit theaters in May, the stars weren’t the only ones flying at high altitudes. Continuing to hit the top five at the box office, the summer blockbuster proved to be Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing film in his career. And alongside showcasing his talent, the hit led to other actors like Jay Ellis becoming a household names. Starring in shows like The Game and Insecure, Ellis recently shared his excitement about Top Gun and living up to the original film. 

While moviegoers waited anxiously to watch Top Gun: Maverick, Jay Ellis knew about the sequel long before most. He discussed the opportunity of landing a role with Screenrant and how he wondered if it would expand on the original Top Gun. “I think we all have that feeling, you’re like, ‘Ah, man, I don’t know, but I really want to see it.’ Especially, I think what’s interesting about this film is you really want to see where Pete Maverick is 30 years later, you really want to see how that guy ended up.”

Jay Ellis added, “You want to see how Iceman ended up, it is really interesting. I think with this film, one of the reasons that I definitely was like ‘I’m in,’ and so many people were in, is because you really want to see where those characters ended up all these years later.”

Jay Ellis Talks A Third Top Gun

Apparently, most of the cast knew Top Gun: Maverick’s potential. They just didn’t know if it was going to be a hit or flop. Jay Ellis admitted, “obviously, flight and aviation looks slightly different, we are 30-plus years in the future from then, so it looks different, so what does flying look like and what does filming flying look like? I think is also another thing that a lot of people were really drawn to. But one of the things we talked about on set was like this movie, it was one or the other, it was either gonna be a flop or it was gonna be the most amazing thing ever only because this title is so loved.”

Having no details on a third film, Jay Ellis proposed one problem the production might find itself in. “I think one of the things that is going to really be a big part of a third, if there ever were a third, and I have not heard that there’s a third, is like, how do you film the flying? How is flight different from this film to the next film?”

Top Gun: Maverick is now available for rent for the premium price of $19.99.