‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Speaks on a Potential ‘Top Gun 3’

by Alex Falls

With the roaring success of Top Gun: Maverick still dominating box office headlines, the next question on everyone’s minds is if another sequel is in the works.

Even though Top Gun: Maverick took more than 30 years to come out after the original film, the sequel took over the world to the surprise of just about every industry insider. With so much success, it makes sense that another installment would fly in soon after to capitalize on the popularity.

But the film’s cast and crew have made it clear they should wait until the right story presents itself. Jay Ellis plays Lieutenant Reuben “Payback” Fitch in Top Gun: Maverick. He recently spoke to Screen Rant and gave his thoughts on another sequel.

“Listen, I would love to be in a third. If Paramount’s listening right now, let’s make a third one. Why not? We’ll see. I think one of the things that is going to really be a big part of a third, if there ever were a third, and I have not heard that there’s a third, is like, how do you film the flying? How is flight different from this film to the next film?”

The Demand for More ‘Top Gun’

Ellis went on to describe the vision star Tom Cruise wants to maintain in the Top Gun franchise. The superstar is known for his commitment to shooting the most exciting stunt work possible. So another Top Gun film would need to be done exactly right.

“Because I think that’s one of the things that Tom will tell you. In the 30-plus years of him not making this movie, one of the reasons that it took him a while was because he really wanted to be able to film the flight experience for what it is and the only way to do that was to be able to get in the back of F-18s and put cameras in there and put actors in there,” Ellis said. “I think we’ve now created that experience, so it’s what is the next version of that, the next iteration of that, I think, is really a big part of whatever that next film could be.”

Ellis said he understands the fascination of sequels and remakes in Hollywood today. He realizes people love to go back and see the characters of their favorite films grow and change. And that’s part of what made Top Gun: Maverick the phenomenon it became.

“I think what’s interesting about this film is you really want to see where Pete Maverick is 30 years later, you really want to see how that guy ended up. You want to see how Iceman ended up, it is really interesting,” Ellis said. “I think with this film, one of the reasons that I definitely was like, ‘I’m in,’ and so many people were in, is because you really want to see where those characters ended up all these years later.”