‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Tom Cruise Reveals Surprising Place He Hasn’t Heard Iconic Line From Original Film

by Megan Molseed

Some of actor Tom Cruise’s most iconic movie lines came while the film superstar played the role of Maverick in the original Top Gun film. Some of these lines are so iconic, that they are repeated time and again. Usually by fans of the film throughout everyday situations.

In fact, some of these Top Gun catchphrases have become so iconic that the real-life Top Gun program has started fining participants for uttering some of the popular lines. But, there is one surprising place Cruise has yet to hear one of the most popular catchphrases used in his everyday life.

Has Anyone Wondered If Tom Cruise Shares Mavericks ‘Need’? His ‘Need For Speed?’

When Tom Cruise was in his early 20s he wowed movie audiences when he took on the role of Top Gun’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell for the first time in 1986. And, in one of the film’s most iconic moments, Cruise’s Maverick declares on the flight deck that he has “the need. The need for speed!”

Since then, this catchphrase has become a major piece of film history; and pop culture as a whole, really. So, we have little doubt the actor has long been hearing fans quote this unforgettable line over the years.

So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the Cruise – who has a known affinity for fast cars and motorcycles – would have heard the phrase from an officer after he’s been stopped for speeding? Well, the star tells People, not one single officer has ever taken advantage of this opportunity … so far.

Top Gun: Maverick’s Tom Cruise Doesn’t Hate The Regular Movie Mentions, Even If This Would Come With A Traffic Ticket

When asked if he had ever had a traffic cop ask him about his “need, his need for speed,” Cruise says it has never happened. But, the Top Gun: Maverick star says, he wouldn’t hate it if it would happen!

“No,” says Cruise says regarding whether or not an officer has taken this unique opportunity, quoting the star’s famous Top Gun character.

“I wish they would!” the actor adds.

And, the star quips, it’s not like there have never been opportunities for traffic officers to do so, either. Now, the Maverick star gets a lot of his “need for speed” out at the race tracks. Regularly running his cars and motorcycles in the controlled area. However, sometimes this Cruise’s daredevil desires spill out into the roadways.

“Sometimes I get speed,” Tom Cruise admits.

“Sometimes, I get stopped,” the star quips.

“But also, I spend a lot of time on racetracks,” he adds. “On motorcycles, in helicopters, so I get a lot of that stuff out.”