‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Tom Cruise ‘Encouraged’ Cast To Work Through Vomiting While Training

by Shelby Scott

Alongside fame and fortune, Top Gun: Maverick also awarded its stars, including Miles Teller, Monica Barboro, and Glen Powell, iron stomachs. Before the cast of the film took to the skies in the Navy’s F/A-18 Super Hornets, Tom Cruise required the young group of soon-to-be pilots to undergo intense training sessions. Overall, it turned out well, awarding audiences with some of the most genuine aerial stunt footage we’ve ever seen in a movie. However, at first, the cast of Top Gun: Maverick also spent a lot of time throwing up. Now, as Tom Cruise’s sequel continues to see massive success, some of the film’s stars have spoken out about how the Hollywood legend “encouraged” his costars to work through vomiting while training.

In order to make Top Gun: Maverick as authentic as possible, the film’s cast underwent intense physical training. Essentially, the training was intended to help the actors learn how to endure intense g-forces as well as the craft’s acrobatic movements. At first, CinemaBlend reports things got a little messy. However, Cruise remained supportive of his costars, encouraging them to work through the issue.

Barbaro, who plays Natasha “Pheonix” Trace, previously said of her Top Gun: Maverick training, “Tom just really encouraged everybody, if you are going to throw up, just learn how to do it and move past.”

More humorously, she revealed, “We would applaud when anyone threw up, so it became celebrated.”

Meanwhile, “Hangman” actor Glenn Powell further contributed to the on-set humor. At one point, he proudly showed off his barf bag, giving crew members a thumbs up while traversing the clouds. Comparatively, Barbaro managed to keep herself so calm, her stunts looked staged, and was forced to take off a second time to complete certain scenes.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Calls Tom Cruise the ‘Ultimate Hype Man’

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and has been for decades. As such, working and becoming friends with one of the film industry’s most well-known stars surely provides its challenges. In fact, as Top Gun: Maverick continues to wow at the box office, Cruise’s costar, Greg Tarzan Davis (Coyote), recently spoke about what it’s like being friends with the film legend.

“It’s a challenge,” Davis admitted, “because he’s the type of person that, if you say something is cool or you say that you wanna do something — like I said, ‘Oh man, it’d be cool to learn how to skydive,’ and he’s like, ‘Oh yeah? You think so?’ The next day I get a call saying, ‘Hey, yeah, I was talking to Tom and Tom said that you want to learn how to skydive.’ I’m like, ‘Wait, wait!’ That was just a conversation starter Tom!”

Everything about the major film’s production seems to have some kind of humorous undertone. But more seriously, Davis shared during his interview that despite Cruise’s intensity, he’s also “the ultimate hypeman.”