‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Tom Cruise Reported Payday From Movie’s Massive Success Revealed

by Suzanne Halliburton

Thanks to Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise is celebrating his 60th year on Earth with his greatest payday. It’s definitely a cool summer for one of the world’s biggest box office draws.

And here’s why Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick payout is so extreme. It’s mostly based on movie revenue. And the Top Gun sequel is burning through box office records as fans catch back up with superstar Navy pilot Pete Mitchell, call sign Maverick.

Let’s take a look at how much. Top Gun: Maverick premiered Memorial Day weekend. It also had the benefit of a strong Fourth of July weekend showing, giving it $1.123 billion at the worldwide box office. As for domestic receipts, the movie has totaled $579 million. That’s some sweet sequel cash.

It’s All About the Base, Plus Bonuses for a Cruise Payout

Puck News reported that Cruise received $12.5 million up front for the movie. That’s not that impressive of a payday (for a guy like TC). So let’s call the amount his base. No matter how the movie fared, he received that check. Here’s where the big money comes in. Cinema Blend says that Cruise’s deal will pay him 10 percent of the movie’s first dollar gross, with more bonuses as Top Gun 2 hits certain benchmarks. There aren’t many public details about Cruise’s deal with Top Gun: Maverick. But Cinema Blend estimates it’ll be north of $55 million, plus the upfront $12.5 million. Keep in mind, the percentage likely is based on revenues the studio received, not the total box office.

But this kind of money is pretty standard for Cruise. Two years ago, the site Casumo crunched the available numbers and revealed that Cruise makes about $7,000 per spoken word. That’s stunning. A 10-second clip is roughly $205,000. The site said that Cruise often negotiates a percentage of movie profits as part of his pay package. His Mission Impossible movies increased his bank account by about $200 million.

Cast of Top Gun: Maverick poses for photos after a press conference last month in South Korea. The movie is close to the top 10 all-time highest grossing movies as Cruise sees a payday of about $67.5 million. (The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images)

Next Benchmark For Top Gun: Maverick? Hitting Top 10

Top Gun: Maverick now ranks 12th all-time in box office gross. It’s conceivable it’ll surge into the top 10. Coincidentally, the movies that rank directly ahead of Top Gun are sequels. They are Incredibles 2 ($608.5 million) and Stars Wars: The Last Jedi ($620.2 million).

The Top Gun: Maverick production budget was $170 million. So all those breathtaking aerial stunts were well worth the money.

Minions: The Rise of Gru is dominating the world movie scene right now. But it probably doesn’t have much of an audience overlap with Top Gun: Maverick. The Minions earned $107 million last week in its worldwide debut. Top Gun: Maverick was second with $26 million.

But look out for Thor: Love and Thunder. It premieres this weekend.