‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Val Kilmer Reveals Why His Scene Was Shot ‘Twice’

by Megan Molseed

Top Gun fans have been waiting anxiously for the wildly popular sequel to the hit 1986 film, Top Gun: Maverick. We all knew this long-awaited summer flick would bring us some much-needed action thrills. As well as some unforgettable throwback moments. However, Top Gun: Maverick has exceeded some very high expectations…bringing all of this and more to its fans. Including an appearance of Top Gun’s Tom “Iceman” Kazansky who is portrayed flawlessly by the unforgettable Val Kilmer.

In this sequel appearance, Val Kilmer’s Iceman has now become an admiral. And, he is suffering from a condition that makes speaking difficult.

Although it is never specified in the film, it’s heavily implied that Kilmer’s character is battling the same throat cancer Kilmer faces in real life. Now, Kilmer discusses what it was like filming this unforgettable scene. And, Kilmer says in an interview with The Los Angeles Times, that this fan-favorite scene was shot twice during the production of the film.

Val Kilmer Remembers How He Shot His Memorable Top Gun: Maverick Appearance Twice During The Hit Film’s Production

In the memorable scene that gripped the hearts of Top Gun fans all across the globe, Tom Cruise’s Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell has continued a friendship with Kilmer’s Iceman. Fans of the original film know well that Cruise’s Maverick and Kilmer’s Iceman were adversaries for much of the storyline. However, as 1986’s Top Gun comes to an end the two pilots begin to bond, forming a lasting friendship.

So, when Tom Cruise returned to the big screen bringing Maverick back to life, it made sense to bring Kilmer’s Iceman back as well. And, to do this, Kilmer’s Iceman used a modern mode of communication; typing his lines on the computer screen as the two pilots speak. This, the actor notes, was a genuine exchange as he was the one typing the words that Cruise’s Maverick reads in the memorable – and very touching – scene.

However, the filmmakers put together this touching moment twice as Top Gun: Maverick was being filmed. Shot in San Diego, the first filming of the scene turned out well. However, Kilmer tells the Los Angeles Times, the filmmakers wanted to make a few changes. So Kilmer once again shot the scene as Iceman for Maverick. This, he adds, is the scene we see in the movie today.

“We actually shot it twice,” Val Kilmer tells the Los Angeles Times of Iceman’s appearance.

“First time was in San Diego,” Kilmer explains. “They wanted to make a wardrobe change and we ended up with the scene you see in the movie with the computer.”