‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Why Tom Cruise’s Costar Says His Films Are ‘So Well Received’

by Shelby Scott

“Top Gun: Maverick” featured a handful of popular stars aside from Tom Cruise. However, there were also a handful of rising Hollywood actors and actresses that made an appearance in the film. One of those is the Pete “Maverick” Mitchell actor’s costar, Danny Ramirez. Ramirez made his “Top Gun” debut as Mickey “Fanboy” Garcia, one of the pilots in the new school of students. A week following the film’s premiere, the Fanboy actor shared why he thinks Tom Cruise’s films continue to do so well.

Overall, the actor said the reason Cruise’s films do so well is that he consistently keeps the audience in mind.

“It is a responsibility that like people are giving two hours of their time,” the “Top Gun: Maverick” actor shared with Fox News. “And every year, [Tom Cruise] has a movie that millions of people go to watch. And so that responsibility of the sheer amount of hours that people are giving to be taking on this adventure, he passed that down.”

Conclusively, Ramirez said, “I think this is why his movies are so well received.”

Something else contributing to Cruise’s successes, and the success of “Top Gun: Maverick,” is his open-door policy. The Fanboy actor further revealed, “With Tom, the entire time that door was open and his entire wealth of knowledge, he was just giving it away.”

Danny Ramirez Shares Behind-the-Scenes Experience On ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Tom Cruise certainly exhibits a certain kind of dedication while filmmaking. However, Danny Ramirez revealed the entire “Top Gun: Maverick” crew made for a welcoming, exciting, and pleasant experience.

“It has been one of the most amazing experiences,” Ramirez said of working with Tom Cruise. “The editing room was open on days that I was not shooting. I’d go and shadow Claudio Miranda, who was an Oscar award-winning cinematographer, hovering behind [director] Joe [Kosinski] to see how he makes decisions.”

Overall, he said, “The entire set…’It’s a dream come true for anyone that wants to continue to become elite in storytelling, in acting.”

Ramirez also spoke about the unique training program he endured to be able to fly in the Navy’s F/A-18s.

“[It was] very unique,” he said. “It is something that…when I signed up to do the project, I did not know we were going to go through it.”

In fact, he revealed, “I was afraid of the flying in the beginning.”

In order to forget his fear, he “needed two glasses of wine [and] my Bose headphones.” Apparently, though, Ramirez, not to mention his costars, became too good at flying at under g-forces. While speaking with the outlet, he said Cruise encouraged them to put a little bit more “umph” in their faces.

“He’s like, ‘You guys are too comfortable up there now,'” Ramirez said Tom Cruise reportedly told them.