‘Top Gun: Maverick’s Jon Hamm Reveals Whether He Was Team Maverick or Team Iceman

by Megan Molseed

When Jon Hamm’s Top Gun: Maverick character, Vice Admiral Beau “Cyclone” Simpson first sets his eyes on Tom Cruise’s Captain Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, in the wildly popular film, he is clearly not a fan of the former Top Gun star. But, the actor tells Rolling Stone, this is far from where he sits in real life. In fact, when asked if he is “team Maverick” or “team Iceman” – the main rivalry in the original 1986 film – Hamm says he is “team Maverick all the way.

“Obviously, Tom Cruise is who you want to be,” Hamm relates in the discussion with Rolling Stone.

“You want to be Maverick,” Hamm says. “You don’t want to be Iceman.”

Hamm goes on to note that while Iceman, who is portrayed by Tombstone star, Val Kilmer, may not be the Top Gun character most want to be, Kilmer is certainly a person to admire. And, his performance in Top Gun, Hamm says, is “genuinely believable.”

“I just watched that documentary on Val Kilmer’s life and just watching him go through his whole life and his career and how young he was,” Hamm explains.

“And how important that was for him, too, and how good he was in the film,” the Top Gun: Maverick star says of Kilmer.

“He’s a genuinely believable kind of heel,” Hamm quips of Kilmer.

“Even though he’s playing kind of both sides of the equation,” the actor adds. “It’s a really great performance that he brings to it as well.”

Top Gun: Maverick Star Jon Hamm Talks About Top Gun’s Legacy

Jon Hamm’s Maverick character is undoubtedly disapproving of Cruise’s Maverick, feeling that not only is Maverick a loose cannon, but he is also past his prime. However, Hamm knows this is not true. In fact, the star says, he cheered on Maverick for years, taking in “multiple viewings” of the hit film.

“The copy of it at the local video store was pretty worn out, too,” the star says. “It was a very big, important movie for kids my age at that time,” Hamm adds that Top Gun’s appeal had a lot to do with the fact that the film is truly one of a kind.

“There weren’t a lot of movies like it,” Hamm says of the 1986 blockbuster hit.

“Tom Cruise was in that sweet spot of being twenty-something years old,” he adds.

“I mean, he was great looking. He was an amazing actor,” Hamm relates. “We all saw the writing on the wall as to what he was about to become.”