Tour ‘Chicago Fire’ Set With Star Kara Kilmer

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

One Chicago” fans love “Chicago Fire” for its loyal and dedicated group of first responders, unique storylines, and occasionally comical subplots. However, what makes the series even more dynamic is that the NBC-based show, is famous for taking fans behind the scenes of all kinds of stunts and set displays, among other interesting topics. But now, Outsiders have an opportunity to explore the entire set of “Chicago Fire” in an exclusive video. Follow along with Sylvie Brett actress Kara Killmer.

The first few scenes see the “Chicago Fire” star taking us through Firehouse 51’s iconic bullpen. She begins in Chief Boden’s office. We’ve become familiar with the chief’s decor and supplies over ten seasons. But, Killmer took a moment to highlight two interesting pieces. One is a toy car sitting upon the desk. Boden’s actor Eammon Walker liked it so much, the crew located another on E-bay for him when the original went missing. Another is a black jacket on a coat rack. Boden wore it once in season one and it has remained in the same spot for an additional nine seasons.

We then proceed through “Chicago Fire’s” administrative office. Then there’s the space the women of the cast previously turned into an all-female lounge earlier in the series. Moving on to another iconic setting, Killmer leads fans to the common room. Here, the firefighters take lunch, lounge, and carry out most outside-of-work discussions and activities.

‘Chicago Fire’ Features Unique Set Quirks

However, most interestingly, we learn the kitchen which is frequently featured in “Chicago Fire” episodes is completely non-functional. The only appliance which actually works is the common room’s fridge. After all, cast and crew need someplace to store their lunch!

Taking a step back to season six of “Chicago Fire,” Killmer throws a spotlight on the deceased character of Otis. She specifically highlights his cane. An earlier episode saw the crew iconically hang the cane on the wall after Otis was shot when a gun fired during a call.

After quickly exploring Firehouse 51’s sleeping quarters, with a comical feature on Killmer’s own character, she heads to the locker room. One cool find is one of the lockers has an opening back. This way, camera crews can shoot from the perspective of inside the locker looking at the character’s face from within.

Most comically, the firehouse’s coed bathroom has two fun features. A) Non-functional toilets, with the seats blatantly backed in red stating, essentially, “DO NOT USE.” And again, like in the kitchen, the sinks are also non-functional.

However, most exciting, for fans still pining the departure of a longtime cast member, Jesse Spencer, the actor actually features as himself and not Matt Casey on set. He jokes about a fictional tragedy that occurred during the show’s pilot. But even more exciting is, we get a teeny taste of the actor’s genuine accent. Outsiders might recall Spencer is an Australian actor and while he plays a good ole American firefighter on “Chicago Fire,” we take a step back in hearing Spencer as himself.

So, when “Chicago Fire” airs its next brand new episode following its ongoing hiatus on December 8th, we now have a little insight as to how things truly run over at Firehouse 51.