’24’ Producer Opens Up About the Show, Kiefer Sutherland Possibly Returning

by Joe Rutland

For eight seasons, Kiefer Sutherland did his best to keep viewers on the edge of their seats as Jack Bauer on the Fox TV show 24. There have been a number of different times people have talked about reviving the show. Well, producer Jon Cassar recently chatted it up with ScreenRant about this possibility. And, apparently, there has been a little crossover between Cassar and Sutherland recently, too.

“They’ve been talking about it for years, it’s a tough one,” Cassar said. “It’s how do you come back and how do you come up with another story? I know they’ve tried many times, I’ve seen many scripts of different versions. There was even a movie version, there was one version that was supposed to be — the last Die Hard you saw was supposed to be a 24 and John McClane crossover.”

Cassar said that “everything” has been tossed to the wall. That’s because they are trying to come up with a story for a new reboot of the series. Well, that’s not been going too well. Cassar also mentions that the people who ultimately make the final decision about it is Fox as the network owns the show. But why not have a reboot? People would watch it and they want to see it happen. Well, we will have to wait and see.

’24’ Producer Happened To Just Work Recently With Kiefer Sutherland

Meanwhile, Cassar mentions that he just worked on Sutherland’s new show for Paramount Plus titled Rabbit Hole. He said that he worked on it in Toronto. “He’s got other projects going and then he’s got his touring, so that’s a tough one to work around,” he said.

“Because when he does his European tours, he’s gone for months, so there’s a lot of factors,” Cassar adds. “It could happen, it’d be great if it happened, everyone’s always asking me and it’s like, ‘I’ll know when you know, quite honestly, I’m the last guy that knows.’ The whole thing happens and then they call me and say, ‘Do you want to direct it?’ So I’m gonna know the same time you do, you’ll probably know before me. [Chuckles]”

Do you know who is fired up for a reboot? Apparently, it’s Sutherland himself. “I love playing that character, I do believe the story is unresolved,” Sutherland said in an interview with GQ Magazine. “If something were to be written that made sense to me and that I thought was going to contribute to the franchise then I would be behind it. Even if my participation in that were to be limited.” For those of us who loved the old show, we’d like to see this reboot happen. Here’s hoping Fox will get it done.