‘9-1-1’: Here’s When Season 6 Is Set to Air on Fox

by Leanne Stahulak

Fox recently released its fall TV schedule, including premiere dates for hit series like “9-1-1,” “The Resident,” and “The Masked Singer.”

The good news for “9-1-1” fans is that the hit procedural will continue to air at the same time it always has, Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST. Variety also reported that the first episode of Season 6 will drop on Monday, Sept. 19.

As for the popular spin-off series “9-1-1: Lonestar,” fans will have to wait a little longer to see their favorites on screen again. The spinoff, along with a few other Fox favorites, won’t drop until midseason.

So in the meantime, fans can catch up on the network’s latest scripted drama, “Monarch,” starring Trace Adkins and Susan Sarandon. The country music drama was supposed to debut this past January, but Fox pushed it back to the fall. The first episode will debut on Sunday, Sept. 11, after a double-header NFL game. But after that, the show shifts to Tuesdays at 9 p.m., starting Sept. 20. It follows “The Resident,” which will air at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays.

The second season of “The Cleaning Lady” will follow “9-1-1” on Monday nights. Wednesday nights, on the other hand, are all about competition. “The Masked Singer” will continue to drop at 8 p.m. EST, followed by “LEGO Masters” at 9 p.m. This will be the first time the competitive series airs in the fall on Fox.

As for Thursdays, “Hell’s Kitchen” kicks off the night at 8 p.m. followed by half-hour comedies “Welcome to Flatch” and “Call Me Kat.” Fridays are all about WWE while Sundays are reserved for Fox’s animated adult shows.

Here’s Who Will Return to ‘9-1-1’ For Season 6

It sounds like most of our favorite cast members will return for “9-1-1” Season 6. Once the series got renewed, Variety listed Angela Bassett, Peter Krause, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Oliver Stark, Aisha Hinds, Kenneth Choi, Ryan Guzman, Corinne Massiah, Marcanthonee Jon Reis, and Gavin McHugh as key cast members. As of right now, we can assume they’ll all return.

The only person that won’t be back is Vanessa Estelle Williams. When Hewitt left for maternity leave, Williams took over her spot with the new character Claudette Collins. But during a Season 5 episode that aired right before the finale, Claudette died unexpectedly.

Ultimately, Williams’ character appeared to fill the void left by Hewitt’s character. And when Maddie (Hewitt) returned during an episode in April, the time came for writers to decide if Claudette had enough story to sustain her into Season 6. Apparently, she did not, so she endured a grisly death.

Stay tuned for more updates on “9-1-1” Season 6 and make sure you tune into the season premiere on Monday, Sept. 19.