‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Actor Rob Lowe Speaks on Working Relationship With Brother Chad

by Megan Molseed

It’s truly a family affair on FOX’s 9-1-1: Lone Star for actor Rob Lowe. Fans of the series know that the longtime actor and movie star works closely with his son John Owen on the popular television drama. However, Rob Lowe has also been working closely with his brother on the FOX first-responder procedural, fellow actor Chad Lowe. And, the actor notes, the two Lowe siblings have their routine down pat when it comes to working together on set.

“If something isn’t working, we both know without even talking to each other,” Rob Lowe tells People in a recent interview. Lowe adds that it’s almost as if he and his younger brother have a sort of “ESP” when working together.

“So he knows before I say something, and I know [before] he says something,” the actor says of his working dynamic with Chad.

“And if something isn’t working, we both know without even talking to each other,” the actor adds. Lowe also notes that this makes things go super smooth when Chad Lowe takes over directing duties on the popular FOX television drama.

“We’re just telepathic in ways where if it were another director, it would be a whole prolonged conversation that they might not even understand,” Rob Lowe explains of his dynamic with his brother.

When looking to fill the role of Rob Lowe’s 9-1-1: Lone Star character’s brother, the showrunners decided that looking close to home was their best bet. And, boy were they right!

Chad Lowe, the real-life brother of Rob Lowe will be portraying the estranged sibling to Lowe’s Owen Strand. The early synopsis of the episode notes that Owen will be traveling to Los Angeles to “confront his estranged father and some painful childhood memories.”

This episode marks the first time Chad Lowe will appear in the series in front of the camera. However, the longtime actor is not new to the 9-1-1: Lone Star family. The younger Lowe has directed to episodes of the popular series, the season two installation titled Slow Burn; and season three’s Red vs. Blue.

The Lowe Siblings Have Been Working Together For Years

In addition to directing his brother in FOX’s 9-1-1: Lone Star, Chad Lowe has also directed his famous brother on a variety of other popular shows. Some of these include the FOX series The Grinder and the hit ABC drama series Brothers & Sisters.

However, Lowe has quite the acting resume built up himself. After all, the actor has been working in the business for many decades. During his career, Chad Lowe portrayed some memorable roles in some hit shows such as the ABC drama Life Goes On; the FOX night-time soap, Melrose Place, as well as 24. Chad Lowe is also featured in Pretty Little Liars and The CW’s hit series, Supergirl.

“Anyone who gets that kind of privilege [to work alongside family] knows it’s hard to put into words how proud you are,” Rob Lowe says. “The satisfaction.” The longtime actor also notes that these opportunities give him a chance to learn new things about the people he loves.

“You get to learn about your family member in a totally different way,” Lowe explains.

“Because you’re not family when you’re at work, right?” he says. “You’re partners.”