‘9-1-1’: Corinne Massiah Previews a Big Episode for May

by Megan Molseed

The upcoming installment of the popular television drama series 9-1-1 sees a younger character facing some big challenges. In the episode titled May Day, Corinne Massiah’s May Grant faces tragedy as a fire breaks out at the 9-1-1 Call Center. And, the 9-1-1 actress says, this episode will bring a “heartbreaking tear-jerker,” of a storyline to the series. Testing the 9-1-1 characters in ways they never would have imagined as they fight to survive.

“She is really tested,” the 9-1-1 star says of her character in May Day.

“And it shows how much she’s grown as a person,” Massiah adds. The actress also teases that the upcoming 9-1-1 tragedy will put “a lot of things into perspective about what matters in life.”

This 9-1-1 Emergency Will Test One Character’s Ability To Step In As A Fire Rages On At the Call Center

Corinne Massiah’s character has grown quite a bit during the popular show’s successful run on FOX. The daughter of Angela Bassett’s Athena, Massiah’s May has struggled during the previous seasons. However, as time went on, the character continued to grow. Eventually, she finds a role working as a 9-1-1 operator while considering college at USC.

“It was a big transition to go from being the kid sitting at the dinner table to being a kind of first responder taking really dramatic and emotional calls.” And now, the 9-1-1 youth will be tested even more as she struggles to keep herself and her coworkers alive as flames threaten to take over the Emergency Call Center.

“When the call center is on fire, she has to flip off that switch and can’t be emotional,” Massiah shares of the upcoming 9-1-1 episode.

“Because she has to think logically in order to save herself,” the actress explains. “She has to go into fight mode.”

Corinne Massiah Recalls How Filmin May Day Felt ‘Different’

Sure, Corinne Massiah’s May has been central to some tense storylines in the series. However, this particular episode had a bigger effect on the actress. Filming her scenes required the 9-1-1 star to step out of her comfort zones on set and explore different experiences as her character continues to grow on screen.

“This episode just felt different to me,” the actress reveals of the upcoming installment. According to the actress, this was the first time that she filmed the series as the set topples down around her. And, thankfully, she had the support of her costars as she moved through these heart-racing scenes. Primarily the support of her on-screen step-father, actor Peter Krause.

“He walked me through everything because it was intimidating and scary at first,” Massiah says. “I always felt comfortable on set.”