‘9-1-1’: Here’s Everything to Know About Season 6

by Taylor Cunningham

After a year of contract negotiations and months of filming, 9-1-1 season 6 is on the way. Here’s everything to know about the hit drama as we near its debut.

As we mentioned above, the fate of the TV show was hanging in the lurches for some time despite the fact that it reigns as one of Fox’s top-rated series. In fact, the network didn’t officially announce that the story would continue until May 16, which was the day that the latest final aired.

But now that Fox and the series have hammered out all of the contractual details, filming has commenced and 9-1-1 will return on September 19, 2022.

It’s likely that the show will follow the same format as last year, too. That means that it will include 18 episodes that are split with a three-month mid-season break. In 2021, the hiatus began in December and ended in March.

9-1-1 will also continue to run on Mondays at 8 PM. And each episode will be available to stream the next day on Hulu. Also, Disney+ will pick up the season once it concludes in the summer of 2023.

The Lead ‘9-1-1’ Actors Are Expected to Return This Fall

As for the cast, all of the leads should be returning this fall. That means that Peter Krause, Angela Bassett, Oliver Stark, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Aisha Hinds, and Kenneth Choi will be reprising their roles.

And to further the good news, Ryan Guzman is expected to remain in the series as well. Earlier this year, he shared that he was making an exit. But now he’s rumored to be remaining with the series. And IMDb also shows that he appears in the opening episode. Guzman’s on-screen son, Gavin McHugh will also be by his side for season 6.

Unfortunately, Megan West will probably move on after her character, Taylor Kelly, broke up with Buck. However, neither the series nor the actress has confirmed the exit.

And since there are no major character change-ups aside from West, the writers won’t need to introduce anything completely new. According to executive producer Kristen Reidel, that means that the storylines will be a little “more fun” the sixth time around.

“For season six we want to go back to basics, which is a little of what we did in the back half of season five. We want to have more fun with the characters,” she told HELLO! last month. “We didn’t get to really do that this year.”

“Also, I think I’d like to see us mixing it up and not always having Hen (Aisha Hinds) and Chimney (Kenneth Choi) together. Let’s do some stories with Chimney and Eddie!” she added. “That’s the hope for next season to just mix it up, and have fun with our people.”