‘9-1-1’ Explained Jonah’s Backstory in This Week’s Episode

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Characters with a strong backstory can make dramas come alive and on 9-1-1, no one’s backstory compares to Jonah’s. It’s a doozy. The character played by Bryce Durfee earned heightened respect as a kid. His early-life experience of keeping a bus driver alive would manifest into something he loved and adored. Call it the rush of being appreciated for his efforts. These days, Jonah is going to keep doing what he can to win that adoration.

Jonah Greenway is one paramedic people will need to keep their eyes on while watching 9-1-1. He happens to stop Claudette’s heart with a drug. Two other characters, Hen and Chimney, found the evidence of what Jonah did and they were going to report him. Well, Jonah happens to kidnap Hen and Chimney and Jonah turns evil. This is nothing new as the character has an evil and heroic streak in him.

Jonah Finds Himself In Trouble; Actor Durfee Appeared In Tim Allen Comedy

Viewers watch Jonah stop Chimney’s heart. Then he brings Chimney back to life a few times. The fact that this takes place is something to behold on 9-1-1. We get more from TVLine. Hen distracts Jonah and Chimney gets free, then Chimney takes out Jonah. The authorities get called after Karen calls Maddie.

But you might have seen him before his turn on the drama. Durfee played Greg Archer in the Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing. Other TV work according to IMDb includes The Bold and the Beautiful, Model Idiots, Faking It, Aquarius, Pump, and Man with a Plan.

Claudette Collins Is No Longer Part Of ‘9-1-1’ Family After Sudden Death In Episode

Another character who ends up having a short run on the show is Claudette Collins as she is gone. Actress Vanessa Estelle Williams played the character on 9-1-1 but is now no longer part of it. Claudette entered the scene as Maddie was off for a stretch. Actually, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt did take time out for maternity leave. Williams joined in a recurring character role. A fire breaks out in the dispatch center and May and Claudette get out. But Claudette would die in the ambulance when her “blood pressure bottomed out.”

Peter Krause talked about this situation in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “May and Claudette had just worked through their differences and it was just stripped away in a blink of an eye,” Krause said. “To see Claudette die after May tried so hard to save both of them is really going to her hit hard.” Viewers will get to see how May works through this situation in upcoming episodes.