‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Ronen Rubenstein and Rafael Silva Look Ahead to the Tarlos Wedding

by Caitlin Berard

From the very beginning of 9-1-1: Lone Star, it was clear that TK Strand (Ronen Rubenstein) and Carlos Reyes (Rafael Silva) were meant to be. Sparks flew in Season 1 and though, like any couple, their relationship has had its ups and downs, Season 4 of the police procedural is sure to be an exciting one for “Tarlos” fans.

The Season 3 finale of Lone Star featured the paramedic proposing to his longtime love, police officer Carlos Reyes. Carlos, of course, accepted, and the wedding is set to take place at some point in Season 4. That said, as Season 3 just ended in May, fans have quite a wait ahead.

To ease fans’ anxieties about the coming nuptials, Ronen Rubenstein and Rafael Silva sat down with TV Insider to discuss their fictional engagement. “I’m sure the fans would love to have it in Episode 1, Season 4,” Rubenstein said of the wedding with a smile. “I think the wedding will come at a good time.”

“We’ll have to see when we ‘earn’ the wedding,” he continued. “I’d like to see the journey of Tarlos as an engaged couple instead of rushing [into] marriage, which I don’t think they will. They’ve given us a beautiful storyline with room to breathe.”

Rafael Silva agrees with his costar, adding that he hopes the wedding won’t be a rushed affair. “The preparation to get married is a whole journey,” Silva explained. “Preparing the wedding ceremony [is] a big thing. Emotionally and mentally, these two are choosing to devote themselves to each other as their individual selves, giving up things that they may not want to in order to become a good partner.”

‘9-1-1: Lone Star’s Rafael Silva Reveals That It Was His Idea to Call TK ‘Tyler’

The vast majority of 9-1-1: Lone Star characters call TK Strand what you would expect, TK. A few, however, refer to him with his birth name, Tyler, rather than his nickname. Before Carlos, only TK’s late mother Gwyn called him Tyler.

For Rafael Silva, it was important that Carlos call TK by his given name to illustrate the level of intimacy between them. According to Silva, calling him Tyler wasn’t in the script, it was something he added on his own. “I chose to say it,” the 9-1-1: Lone Star actor explained. “There are very few people who know TK as ‘Tyler.’ Carlos is one of those people. I wanted Carlos to be the closest person to TK. Making that choice was very intentional.”

Though Ronen Rubenstein says he didn’t even notice the subtle alteration at first, he agrees with his costar’s assessment. “I don’t even know if I realized [Rafael did that] to be honest,” Rubenstein said. “It wasn’t until later when people started bringing it up that I did. If anyone has ‘earned’ the right to call TK ‘Tyler’ it’s his mom, his dad [Owen Strand, played by Rob Lowe], and Carlos.”