‘A League of Their Own’ Series Star Opens Up About ‘Magical’ Experience Having Rosie O’Donnell on Set

by Joe Rutland

Actress D’Arcy Carden was feeling a bit giddy about having Rosie O’Donnell appear on the set of A League of Their Own. After all, O’Donnell starred as Doris Murphy in the 1992 movie that also starred Geena Davis and Tom Hanks and was directed by the late Penny Marshall. This time, A League of Their Own is a new TV series that debuts on Friday on Amazon Prime Video. What did Carden think about having O’Donnell on the show’s set?

“It was pretty magical,” Carden, 42, said in an interview with Us Weekly. “We were pretty thrilled by it. She just knew what the movie meant to us. She didn’t pretend like it wasn’t a thing because it was a thing. (And) She let us ask a million questions and she told us little behind-the-scenes stories and went into her like Penny Marshall voice and her Madonna voice and everything.

“And we were just sort of giddy and surrounding her,” Carden said. “I remember her little chair was set up and everybody’s chair was spread out throughout the room and by the end of it, everybody’s chair was right up against her. Like story time. We were thrilled to have her. She was amazing.”

‘A League of Their Own’ Will Differ From Original Movie

Carden and Abbi Jacobson are the lead actors in the new show. While this version will be focused on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, look for it to tackle some other subject matter. For instance, issues around sexuality and racism will be explored during the episodes. O’Donnell, 60, also will appear on the show but in a different role. The series will have little nods to the movie but don’t look for it to actually copy what was done in the Marshall flick.

O’Donnell will be part of the show as a bar owner named Vi. Nick Offerman plays the team’s coach, which was Hanks’ role in the movie. Recently, Jacobson offered some comments around comparing the new series’s characters to the movie’s original cast, which also starred Madonna and Lori Petty. “I don’t think any characters are really mapped on to anyone,” Jacobson told The Hollywood Reporter. “D’Arcy’s character has a Madonna vibe but is nothing like that character, at all. Melanie Fields’ character Joe is a little bit of a Rosie visual. In the pilot, we nod to the movie the most, and there are nods as you keep going.”

The movie provided those who saw it with a number of scenes worth remembering. One of those sees Hanks pleading with his players that “there’s no crying in baseball.” Let’s hope this series has scenes worth remembering, too.