‘A League of Their Own’ Star Abbi Jacobson Announces Engagement

by Chris Piner

Recently, streaming platforms decided to experiment with releasing their shows weekly, much like network television, instead of dropping them all at once. While the tactic has come under scrutiny, with many loving to binge their favorite shows, series like The Boys and Outer Range both released shows weekly. But for their newest addition to their catalog, A League of Their Own, all eight episodes will be available at once on August 12th on Amazon. Although co-creator Abbi Jacobson is thrilled to share the project with fans, she appeared distracted as she announced her engagement to partner Jodi Balfour after walking red carpet.  

The rumors swirling around Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour started on August 4th when the couple walked the red carpet. While people were there to watch the original film that led to the series, everybody noticed the gorgeous ring on her finger. Friend, Chanté Adams excitedly revealed, “Abbi’s engaged! Abbi’s engaged! Abbi’s engaged! We’ve had to hide it for…No, I’m kidding.” 

Abbi Jacobson’s co-stars all shared their excitement and congratulations to the happy couple.  D’Arcy Carden said, “It’s out. It’s great. We’re so happy. We love [Jodi].”

Their ongoing romance started back in October of 2021 when Abbi Jacobson revealed their relationship on Instagram. She shared a picture of her and Jodi Balfour, captioning it with, “One year with this incredible human. Don’t know how I got so lucky.”

Abbi Jacobson On Traveling To Rockford

As for A League of Their Own, the production received a major upgrade after acquired by Amazon. Talking about the filming process, Abbi Jacobson explained how the pilot took place in Southern California before the COVID-19 pandemic. But the production quickly moved to Pittsburgh. “The pilot takes place mostly in Chicago, and then the team gets to Rockford. We had the privilege of going to Rockford and meeting the people there and going through their archives. The truth was, it’s not a production hub. Also, a lot of 1940s Rockford isn’t there. When you go to Pittsburgh … you walk down the street, and it’s as if you’re in a museum of the early 20th century. It’s incredible the amount of preservation that’s happened and the vitality of the city in living out that history.”

In the original film, starring Tom Hanks, the movie focused on the true story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The new series follows a different route, exploring the stigma surrounding black and queer women who sought to make a name for themselves in the league. “The All American Girls Professional Baseball League that’s featured in the film did not allow Black women to try out … and the more we researched the time (period), the more we learned about the league and what an incredible opportunity that was for white women and white-passing women”, but not women of color or members of the LGBTQ community, Jacobson noted.