‘A League of Their Own’ Star Calls Out ‘Angry and Mad’ Critics of New Series

by Suzanne Halliburton

Although the new version of A League of Their Own is a hit, one of the actors from the show still is taking note of some distinct criticism.

That’s why series star Abbi Jacobson is telling the negative folks to get over themselves. The beloved movie from 1992 inspired the current Amazon Prime series. The film told a story from the 1940s via attitudes from the early 1990s. And this new A League of Their Own is based on that same sweet 1940s-era baseball tale. But it’s told through a 2022 lens. The movie gave a passing acknowledgment on issues of race and sexuality. The series makes them a prominent feature.

The A League of Their Own social media team did an #askabbianything Twitter feature Monday afternoon. And Jacobson didn’t hold back.

Jacobson Said A League of Their Own Critics Are Why Show Got the Reboot

Someone asked Jacobson about fan and critics reaction to the show.

“I’ve been pretty blown away by the response this weekend,” wrote Jacobson, who also co-created the series. “I was really changed learning about this generation of women. I feel really proud of this show and to know its resonating with people really means a lot.”

Then she took another 240 character, writing: “On the flip side. I have seen a lot of people angry and mad at our inclusion of more experiences (POC, QWOC, queer) and that anger (aka fear) has only made me more sure about why this reimagining needed to be made. Why representation matters so much.”

A League of Their Own, the TV show, doesn’t feature the same characters as the movie. But it’s still about the Rockford Peaches and the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. It’s all based on the very real AAGPBL, which flourished during World War II.

Jacobson portrays Carson Shaw, the catcher for the Peaches. So maybe think of her as a new version of Dottie, Geena Davis’ character in the movie. However, while Dottie was married and waiting for her husband to return from war, Carson is romancing first baseman Greta Gill (D’arcy Carden). Plus, Carson befriends Max Chapman, a young Black woman who wants to play baseball but isn’t allowed because of her race.

Carden thanked all the show’s new fans in a Twitter post while sharing some behind-the-scenes photos.

“Thank you to everyone who watched A League Of Their Own this weekend. the reaction was… lovely & overwhelming.”

Amazon Reviews Were Distinctly Either/Or

Cast members probably read the comments section for the show on Amazon. While most of the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, a chunk gave a thumbs down to A League of Their Own. As of Monday night, 21 percent of the customer reviews were one star (on a scale to five). Contrast that with 67 percent of reviewers giving the show five stars. So there was an either/or vibe to the comments.

One reviewer wrote: “This reboot is wonderfully distinct from the 1990s film but still pays sincere homage to the original. It feels fresh and isn’t shy about acknowledging the historical fact that women involved in pro baseball ran the gamut as far as sexuality and gender identity are concerned.”