ABC News Reporter Maggie Ruill Announces Major News During ‘Good Morning America’

by Shelby Scott

Taking to one of America’s most popular news platforms, ABC News reporter Maggie Ruill made an appearance on the network’s morning talk show Good Morning America on Wednesday. While there, she shared some happy news of her own. During the morning’s broadcast, Ruill revealed she and her husband Morgan Blake are expecting their first child together. See the sweet reveal below.

Making a live appearance from Disneyland Paris, the ABC News reporter shared the good news with the show’s hosts, including Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

“I figured what better place to share happy news than from the happiest place on earth?” she said. Ruill then happily revealed, “I am thrilled to let you all know that my husband and I are expecting our first child.”

Her announcement was met with enthusiastic applause from Good Morning America‘s hosts. The reporter phoned in to make her announcement after sharing news of Disneyland Paris’s latest achievement: unveiling its all-new Avengers Campus.

As an Avengers fan herself, Maggie Ruill added, “You saw this kid dancing with me out there, so they’re an Avengers fan already, I swear by it.”

According to PopCulture, Ruill serves on ABC’s London bureau. She and her husband Morgan Blake married in 2017 after sharing a six-year engagement. Ruill has been a member of the ABC crew since Donald Trump was voted president in 2016. Following his inauguration, she departed Washington DC in 2019. She then headed across the pond to where she made her latest appearance on Good Morning America.

‘Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee Slams Critical Fan After Accusing Her of ‘Bad Parenting’

Good Morning America functions as a platform to share the nation’s biggest and most relevant news. But it also serves as a way for the talk show’s cast to share important news of their own. Sometimes, though, while ABC News reporter Maggie Ruill saw overwhelmingly positive responses from fans, another of GMA‘s cast members has been the target of critical commentary.

Last month, ABC News‘s chief meteorologist Ginger Zee fired back at a fan who not-so-subtly accused her of bad parenting. The backlash came after Zee shared a behind-the-scenes photo featuring Good Morning America‘s Kenneth Moton, the show’s national news correspondent. In the Instagram post, she enthusiastically reunited with her coworker as the two don’t often cross paths.

“[L]ove to see folks in my little behind the scenes corner I occupy on set,” the meteorologist wrote at the time.

In the comments, one of the Good Morning America cast members’ followers wrote, “Who’s raising your kids?”

Overall, they implied she doesn’t partake in parenting since she chooses to work in addition to being a mom.

Skilled at handling negative commentary, Zee calmly responded, “I am, with the help of my husband and our nanny. You don’t come from a home where both parents worked? I do. And it was amazing.”

The Good Morning America star further said in her response, “Everyone’s village looks different. The point is, it takes one and I’m lucky to have them.”

Fans of the morning talk show shared exceedingly positive comments following the online debacle.

“You are such a class act and an inspiration,” one GMA fan wrote.