‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Stresses Importance of Optimism in New Video

by Taylor Cunningham

Former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown is sharing his thoughts on positivity and how it keeps him on track through his ongoing battle with addiction.

Brown was part of the Discovery Channel TV reality series until 2018. Since his departure, he has lost touch with his family due to his substance abuse. But he has reportedly been clean for years. And he works hard to remain on track.

One part of his process is sharing his experiences and thoughts on recovery with his friends and fans. And he does that through a series of Instagram videos.

In his lasted post, Matt spoke about his current mind frame, which is all about positivity.

“Hi friends,” he began in his caption. “Today I figured I’d do a video about optimism, and how it helps us find the best outcome. Also how working slowly towards something is a good way to reach our objective.”

As he said in a lengthy talk, “optimism is the one thing that we can put into anything, even hopeless situations, to have it come out better than it would otherwise.”

Matt Brown continued to explain how approaching each day with that attitude has changed his overall perspective in life. And while it’s not always easy to keep honed into optimism, it became a more natural process over time.

“Never give up, never surrender,” he added at the end of his caption. “J.3.16.”

The Former ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star is Focused on ‘The Next Step Forward’

When Matt began his road to recovery, he was more private about his approach. Because he was still affiliated with Alaskan Bush People until season 8, he wasn’t able to speak on his issues. And fans were in the dark about his series exit.

In the background, Matt began seeking help from professionals and completed several rehab programs. Shortly after, he finally went public on Instagram and has been open about his life ever since.

Because Matt was a member of the Brown family, he had been raised completely off the grid. And adjusting to his mainstream life has been as much of a process as overcoming addiction. In fact, it wasn’t until this February that he applied for a Social Security card, which is a huge step in moving “forward” with his life.

“Yesterday, I got back my Social Security card application,” he said in another video. ” It’s in the mail. Two weeks, I’ll have my card. And that’s going to let me advance a lot of things in life. It’s the next step forward.”

In more recent weeks, Matt has also received a Washington State ID card and dental insurance. And he says that his main focus in the present is to work on completely getting back on his “feet again.”