‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bird Brown Undergoes Life-Changing Surgery

by Craig Garrett
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Fans of Alaskan Bush People discovered Snowbird Brown’s health emergency during the season 14 premiere on October 2, 2022. On the latest season premiere of Alaskan Bush People, fans watched as Bird and her sister Rain Brown planned to go on a trip to Alaska with Noah Brown and his family. However, the story quickly took a turn when Bird fell ill, as Reality Tidbit detailed.

A caption explained the details to the Alaskan Bush People tv audience. “For the past week, Bird has experienced severe abdominal pain. It is now unbearable.” Bird was hesitant to see a doctor because she knows that would result in pain from blood being drawn and various tests. In a confessional, Bird admitted that the pain had gotten so bad, however, that she could no longer stand.

Bird was hesitant about seeing a medical professional. However, Rain said her feelings didn’t matter and forced her sister to go anyway. After the doctor’s appointment, Bird was told that a large cystic tumor had been found in her abdomen which was preventing fluid from draining. Additionally, there was another mass on her ovaries which was pushing on her bladder. Images from the dramatic Alaskan Bush People episode were shared on Instagram.

The results of the Alaskan Bush People star’s surgery

The doctor told Bird that she needed surgery immediately after diagnosing her, as the results looked cancerous. When learning this news, Bird cried over having to get surgery and missing her Alaska trip. “I just wish it was me,” Rain told her ailing sister. However, Snowbird took it all in stride. “I got this,” she replied.

Because of COVID-19 safety protocols, the surgery wasn’t filmed by the Alaskan Bush People‘s camera crew. However, Rain and their mom, Ami Brown, stayed with Bird during her hospitalization.

Rain explained that the surgery had gone well for her sister, but she will have a long and tough road to recovery. Bird had two tumors on her ovaries; one weighing 8 lbs., and the other 4 lbs. The doctors removed the tumors successfully and left the uterus and ovaries in order to give her a chance at natural conception in future pregnancies.

The doctor explained to Bird that she didn’t have cancer presently. However, she’s not out of harm’s way yet. Unfortunately, there was more than a 50% chance it would return. She also learned that there’s one only way to prevent the tumor from recurring as cancer. The only sure solution is by undergoing a full hysterectomy. Of course, that surgery will make it impossible for her to carry children in the future. Ami Brown, the wife of the late Billy Brown, is heard in a voice-over saying that life is uncertain and precious.