‘Alaskan Bush People’: Does the Brown Family Really Live in Rumored Multimillion-Dollar Mansion?

by Joe Rutland

Over the past few years, fans have watched the Discovery show Alaskan Bush People very closely to see if what they see is real. The Brown family, led by Ami Brown, has been through a lot since father Billy Brown died. Ami was Billy’s wife and has been overseeing a number of different issues. Well, one rumor that has caught fire is around whether or not they do live in the wild. Back in 2017, Ami was dealing with a cancer battle and the family reportedly lived in a $2.7 million mansion in Beverly Hills. While they might have done this, the show depicts the family living off the land.

Everyone on the TV show would move to a large property in the North Cascade Mountains in Washington, according to PopCulture. But the problems have simply persisted for the Brown family. There’s been a bit of conflict when it comes to Billy’s assets after he died. It did not help that the patriarch of the family did not leave a will behind at all. Ami would have to take care of the situation.

A lot of their financial history would become public too. Ami would list Billy Brown’s total assets at $439,000. She stated that $415,000 would be in four different parcels of land under his name. While different parts of the family finances did become public, one thing that was never mentioned is about a mansion. Go figure.

Questions About ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Living In ‘The Bush’ Linger, Too

Meanwhile, there have been other reports to state that the Browns only live in “the bush” for the show’s filming episodes. Sometimes, the Browns might live in hotels or even homes in California or Oregon when not filming. This is definitely not something that puts them living all the time out in the wild. Fans have mixed opinions about the show, too. Some simply love it for what it is on TV; others have been busy claiming that it all is a fraud.

Other family members have been speaking out recently, but not about the mansion. Rain Brown talked about a missing item from her father. “I know this is a long shot,” she wrote on Instagram. “But if anyone in the world happens to find this hat, please Mail it back to me. It is a Stetson hat, with a metal longhorn on the front, it’s very special. My da gave it to me a year before he passed. I know this might seem crazy, but the internet is a crazy place!” She states that she lost it at an airport. If you know about the Brown family members, then they do refer to Billy as “da” in their lives.