Alaskan Bush People Premiere: How, When to Watch Season 14 Debut

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

It’s time to tune into the Season 14 debut of the popular show Alaskan Bush People as we find out how and where to watch it. Well, we can tell you that a new episode will pop up on Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central. You can tune your TVs into both the Discovery Channel and Discovery+ to watch it. As you may know, the show follows the lives of the Brown family.

The show offered up a couple of pictures ahead of Sunday night’s debut. We get those through its Instagram account below. Now, the Brown family has been through a lot. This is especially true even after the death of family patriarch Billy Brown. They all really loved Billy. Some of the kids on here are known to share some of his wisdom in their own social media posts. Of course, the love is shared by mother Ami Brown with them as well. There’s something quite beautiful when listening to them talk about one another.

Raiven Brown of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Revealed Gender Of Her Baby

Recently, we found out about a new member of the Brown family of Alaskan Bush People coming along soon. Raiven Brown would go on TikTok and share a video of her with a baby bump. This blessed news is received by the show’s many fans. We also found out that the baby will arrive in early 2023. If there’s one thing that brings people back to the show, it’s the element of family. Now with this news coming down the pike, fans will have another reason to tune in and watch. While they are going to have their second child here, it looks like they already know the baby’s gender. And instead of keeping it a secret, they are sharing with the world that they’re welcoming another baby boy.

While this blessed news is being welcomed, fans have noticed something changing in the wind with Ami Brown. Of course, she was married for more than 40 years to Billy Brown. Fans who watch the show intently keep up with their favorite stars. This does include Ami. Well, some of them were keeping up with Ami after Bily’s death. They seemed to notice a change in her attitude. Instead of being rather quiet and nodding along with Billy’s responses, she’s getting more independent. In fact, the show’s fans could tell that Ami is now making decisions on her own. There’s no more Billy around to coerce or coax her to think as he did. It’s now up to Ami to decide how the family finances are handled. Alaskan Bush People will be keeping its eyes on Ami and Raiven, too, in this upcoming season.