‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Brown Reveals Baby Bump in New Post

by Emily Morgan

“Alaskan Bush People” stars Raiven and Bear Brown are growing their family. The reality TV couple will soon welcome their second baby in early 2023. 

In anticipation of their upcoming bundle of joy, Raiven is showing off her 12-week baby bump via Tik Tok. 


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Although the couple Raiven and Bear are still early in the pregnancy, they have announced the gender of their second baby. As fans recall, the parents celebrated their first child’s second birthday, whom they named River. 

Raiven, who often keeps her fans updated via Instagram and Tik Tok, announced her wedding to Bear on her social media in 2022. In addition, Raiven has also never been shy about sharing the highs and lows of her life with her fans. 

For instance, she was transparent with her fans when police arrested Bear for domestic abuse charges just a month after they tied the knot. Raiven defended her husband and revealed that she requested a judge get rid of their no-contact order.

Despite the riffs in the relationship, it looks like the happy couple is celebrating a new baby on the way

Raiven, who’s nearing the 12-week mark, shared a short clip of her facing the camera and turning sideways to show off her bump. In the caption, she wrote: “About to hit 12 weeks and the tiny bump has started! Funny how different your pregnancies can be.”

The happy couple also announced the gender of their second baby to their fans on social media. 

‘Alaskan Bush People’ couple anticipate new baby boy in 2023

Their first-born child, River, is a boy who just turned two earlier in 2022. When Raiven was asked if she wanted another boy, she previously said it was whatever God wanted. 

Now, it looks like the couple will be seeing double. The pair will soon welcome another baby boy.

Raiven and Bear announced the gender, with River holding a board with the words “ITS A BOY” written on it. Raiven wrote, “We are SO happy to announce we are expecting another little boy! I’ve always seen myself as a boy mom. I absolutely love being a boy mom. I can’t wait to see River as a big brother.”

In addition, Bear also posted the same photo on his Instagram page and wrote, “It’s a boy!!!! So awesome gonna have another boy!!! We couldn’t be more excited! Such amazing news!!!”

For the last several years, Bear and Raiven Brown have had an on-again-off-again relationship. They welcomed River in March 2020, but the couple broke up again and, as a result, had an ugly custody battle.

However, after Bear’s dad Billy Brown died, they rekindled their relationship, and the two got married in January. Now, the reality TV stars will add to their little family.