‘Alaskan Bush People’ Reveals New Season Premiere Date

by Joe Rutland

The very popular Alaskan Bush People is giving its fans an important update as its new season will kick off in October on Discovery. This show follows the lifestyle of the Brown family in the wild. While there have been some who are critical of their stories, the show is always interesting. In this clip from the show’s Instagram account, we get a chance to see what will happen this coming season.

Ahead of this news about the Season 14 premiere, Noah Brown and his wife Rhain happened to post something on Instagram themselves. Noah actually posted a note about putting up a YouTube channel. Here is what he wrote on his own Instagram post. “Hey everyone! I have finally started a YouTube channel,” Brown wrote. “We are aiming to upload our first video next week and we are going to try to put up a new video every week. So, if y’all want to make sure that you don’t miss it, why not head over and Subscribe!” This post was put up back in August.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Follows The Stories Of The Brown Family

With this news, we also saw people start to ask about the future of Alaskan Bush People. Some even asked Noah if there was news about a new season of the show. Well, Noah would reply, in essence, that he’s not supposed to talk about it. With this news coming out, we guess the proverbial cat is out of the bag. When watching Alaskan Bush People, it is always interesting to see what the Brown family goes through. Some of the issues they face might not be like what you or I might in our regular lives. Their shows are interesting and informative, though. We get a chance to see them involved with different moments in their lives.

A while back, Rhain Brown happened to talk openly about missing this item from her father. In a post from July, she said that she was missing a hat from Billy. It was something that he had given to her. The hat has sentimental memories for her. She wrote in part on the post, “It is a Stetson hat, with a metal longhorn on the front, it’s very special. My da gave it to me a year before he passed. I know this might seem crazy, but the internet is a crazy place!”