‘American Chopper’s Paul Teutul Sr. Blasts Off Homemade Cannon in His Garage: VIDEO

by Chris Piner

Premiering in 2003, the reality show American Chopper, airing on the Discovery Channel, documented the creative talent behind some of the most unique motorcycles in the world. But while the stars of the show, Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr., showcased their talents, their rocky relationship caused the show to become a hit. Each week, fans watched as the father/son duo constantly snapped at each other. In 2008, an argument between Senior and Junior led to the firing of Paul Jr. Running for six seasons and over 170 episodes, recently, Paul Teutul Sr. shared a heartfelt and reckless moment with his son, Mikey. 

While the Teutul Family continues to work through their issues, Paul Teutul Sr. uploaded a video on his Instagram. The video showed Sr., with Mikey close by, setting off a homemade cannon he built in his garage. Again, reckless, but the slow-motion feature made the entire clip hilarious as Mikey runs off and Sr. jumps in bewilderment as the cannon explodes.

Paul Teutul Jr. Talks About Building With His Dad After A Decade

As mentioned above, the final episode of the original series, which only had 6 seasons, aired in 2010, but for Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr, the pair hadn’t designed a bike together in two years. And their hiatus from building continued until 2020 when the pair decided to create a custom bike for ABC Supply Company

At the time, Junior discussed working with his father, Paul Teutul Sr., again. “I was pushing for this for a long time. My father wasn’t really interested for his own reasons, but nobody is getting any younger. It’s been over 10 years and I just thought I would like to build a bike with my father again, if we could.”

Transporting him back to when the show started, Paul Teutul Jr. added, “We shared so much in the early days and made history with [‘American Chopper’] and we started in that building. It made me think back to a time when my career was being formed through the process of being given the opportunity to build bikes … we fought and got along, too –and  it took both of us to make [the show] as unique as it was. It was a big trip, and a good one, down memory lane.”

After marrying his wife, Rachael in 2010 and having a son in 2015, Paul Teutul Jr. admitted to a different outlook on life. “When you become a father it makes a difference in the way you see your own father. It changed my viewpoint [toward Sr.] in some degree — it would be hard not to. I started to switch things around a little; I always wanted to get into a good situation with my father. You can do forgiveness on your own — the thing with reconciliation is that it takes two. And that’s always a challenge.”