‘American Idol’ Alum Kelly Clarkson Had an Emotional Reaction to Meeting Teacher Who Led Class From a Hospital Room

by Samantha Whidden

While showing appreciation to educators, “American Idol” star Kelly Clarkson became emotional while speaking to a teacher who taught her students from a hospital bed. 

Kelly Clarkson revealed that first-grade teacher, Janet Udomtratsak, made an appearance on her daytime talk show last year for teaching class from her hospital room during her high-risk pregnancy. Udomtratsak even went as far as converting her hospital room into a classroom. The educator joined Clarkson with her son, James, who stayed in the hospital’s NICU for a total of 70 days. 

“So I was in the hospital for 71 days,” the educator told Clarkson. “I actually went in when I was 24 weeks. When I was alone, the nurses were the ones that came in every day. They came in and talked to me, saw how I was doing.”

She then opened up about one emotional day she had while in the hospital. “There was this one day where it hit me hard. It was the first day of school for my son. And he was going back. I didn’t get to take those pictures with him, pack his lunch, and do all that with him. It just hit me so hard.” 

That’s when the teacher broke down in front of the nurses. “I don’t know what they did, but they pulled off a miracle. They made it so that my husband and my son were able to come visit me and I got to hold my son.”

That’s when Kelly Clarkson pulled out the tissues. “I’m fine. You’re fine. We’re fine,” Clarkson added.

 Kelly Clarkson Says She Would ‘Never, Ever’ Want to Get Pregnant Again 

During a 2017 interview on “The View,” Kelly Clarkson opened up about her pregnancies and said she was not a fan of being pregnant. “It’s just my body… I’m not meant to be pregnant.”

The “American Idol” star further explained that she “honestly blamed” herself during her second pregnancy’s struggles. “People said, ‘There’s no way it can be like that again. And they were all wrong!”

Clarkson also said that she loves her children and she wanted to clear the air of any confusion about her comments. “I know a lot of people have trouble having children; I never want to come off – I’m not ungrateful for it.”

Kelly Clarkson previously spoke to Elvis Duran about her first difficult pregnancy. “Nausea is an understatement. I was hospitalized. It was bad! I was vomiting a good 25 times a day. I twas not good.” 

Clarkson at the time admitted she couldn’t believe she wanted to get pregnant after the first experience. “One of my friends is actually pregnant now, and she’s experiencing a little bit of what I experienced, and I’m like, ‘Man, it’s not going to get better, I’m just going to be real!’“