‘American Idol’ Champ Just Sam Announces Major Health Update After Hospitalization

by Caitlin Berard

Last week, American Idol fans were shocked to learn that 2020 winner Samantha “Just Sam” Diaz was hospitalized with an unknown illness. Over the course of several days, the beloved singer kept fans updated with her hospital stay, posting various Instagram stories about her condition and experience.

“100 lbs is crazyyy,” Diaz wrote alongside an image of a hospital scale. “I seriously need help.”

After a few days in and out of the hospital, the singer updated her fans again on Friday (August 26). This time, she revealed that the situation seemed to be improving. “I’m grateful for the prayers everyone,” she wrote. “I’m doing much better now.”

The American Idol star also spoke out about her negative experience. “I need a better hospital bruh,” she added. “I hate it here tbh.”

‘American Idol’ Star Sam Diaz Expresses Frustration Over Continued Tests

As of this weekend, it appears Sam Diaz is no longer in the hospital. For Diaz however, this isn’t exactly a positive development. As she explained on Instagram, her feelings of frustration only grew after she left the facility. Despite the battery of tests the singer underwent, she was no closer to finding answers.

“I’m tired of all the tests being done on my body,” the singer wrote on her Instagram Stories. “I’m tired of being told that something is wrong but nothing is being done about it, I’m tired of feeling tired all the time, I’m tired of the pain and I’m tired of living like this every single day!”

“ONE DAY ITS ‘Nothing’ or ‘Normal’ for me to feel this pain and experience the symptoms that I’ve been experiencing,” Diaz said on Saturday. “And the next, it’s an ‘Emergency’ or ‘I could die’ if I don’t allow them to cut me open again like bruh I’m tired and in pain but I’m done with these doctors for real.”

“Yes, I need help, yes I need new doctors. But I WILL FIGURE IT OUT FOR MYSELF AS I HAVE BEEN DOING.”

“God has come through for me so many times before and God is going to keep coming through,” the singer wrote on Instagram on Sunday. “I know that no weapon formed against me shall prosper in the name of Jesus! I know that God will do what he said he would do for me.”

Sam Diaz Has Dealt With Health Struggles for Years

Sadly, Sam Diaz’s latest string of hospital visits aren’t the first time illness has stood in the way of her dreams. In 2018, the future American Idol star shared a series of images of herself in a hospital bed. Rather than sharing fear or discouragement, however, Diaz remained as determined as she is today.

“This sickness at some point stopped me from singing when I needed to sing THE MOST!” Diaz shared in an Instagram post. “I sing because I’m happy and I sing because I’m FREE! Music is my life. Never again will I let anything STOP ME!!”

“Nobody knows or even understands how much I have been working these past few months!” she continued. “Barely sleeping, barely walking, not completely healed and I still been FIGHTING FOR MY MUSIC AND A CHANCE TO BE HEARD by the world. I WILL NEVER EVER STOP! NO SICKNESS, NO SICK PERSON & NOTHING will EVER STOP ME AGAIN!! Not even myself!”