‘American Idol’ Champ Noah Thompson Reveals Why He Feels Guilty About Winning the Show

by Shelby Scott

With American Idol still on its summertime hiatus, all eyes are turned to America’s Got Talent, which, oddly enough, features not one but two dynamic country music acts, ones we would normally see on the ABC singing competition. AGT‘s leading country acts include the trio of women called Chapel Hart and lone country singer Drake Milligan. Both are dominating the semi-finals. But, as we wait to see who comes out on top, American Idol‘s newest country music star Noah Thompson is reflecting on his time on the hit singing competition. And while the win has seen him release his second single, he’s recently admitted that, on occasion, he feels guilty about taking home the crown.

Noah Thompson Felt Inexperienced Compared to Other ‘Idol’ Contestants

Noah Thompson had a lot working against him throughout his run on American Idol. However, above all else, it was his newness to the music industry that really has him feeling guilty. As Taste of Country reminds us, Noah Thompson differs from other Idol contestants; he came to the competitive TV series with almost no experience. While his runner-up, HunterGirl, and third-place contestant Leah Marlene had spent their lives honing their craft, practicing songwriting, and performing in front of crowds. In comparison, Thompson had done none of those things.

Instead, Thompson, 19 at the time of his American Idol run, came to the show straight out of high school. Aside from a career in music, he’s also a dad of one. Therefore, balancing his personal and professional commitments is extremely difficult.

When asked if he feels guilty about taking home this past season’s win, the country singer answered, “Definitely, for sure.”

He admitted, “I haven’t been out in Nashville playing shows…I’ve done some little things, but like with Hunter, Leah, all of them…you know, they’ve been playing shows their whole life doing these things, and I haven’t. I didn’t grow up playing shows.”

Behind the Scenes of the ‘American Idol’ Star’s ‘Stay’

Despite that Noah Thompson is new to performing, he’s still managed to wrangle a rapidly growing fanbase. He already won hearts during his time on American Idol. But it’s his recent release, a cover of Rihanna’s hit song, “Stay,” that has fans wanting more. Following his win this past spring, the 20-year-old singer went behind the scenes of the cover’s significance.

“Stay” is significant for Thompson for several reasons. First off, it served as a turning point in his career during the Showstoppers Round. Per his account, his good friend Arthur “basically forced” him to sing it and then send in the tape. And it’s that audition that has solidified his career.

More comically, Thompson said of his latest single, “I didn’t realize how it would be one of my biggest moments on the show doing that song. I guess nobody expects a kid with work boots and flannel to walk out and sing a Rihanna song.”