‘American Idol’ Champs Chayce Beckham and Noah Thompson Take the Stage Together at CMA Fest

by Samantha Whidden

On Friday (June 10th), “American Idol” champions Chayce Beckham and Noah Thompson took to the stage together at the 2022 CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Noah Thompson, who recently won season 20 of “American Idol,” shared some snapshots and videos of his and Beckham’s performance. “Idol” runner-up also joined the duo on stage. “Thanks Chayce Beckham for bringing Huntergirl and I out for your show man! Singing ’23’ with you was a dream come true, bro!”

Beckham won season 19 of “American Idol” in 2021. He performed his own single “23,” which he wrote in 2020. The track hit No. 1 on iTunes. Along with his performance with Beckham and Huntergirl, Thompson also stepped on stage during Jimmie Allen’s CMA Fest set. He notably sang his debut track “One Day Tonight.” 

“I can’t believe I just got to go on stage at [CMA Fest] with Jimmie Allen and his band,” the “American Idol” winner declared on Instagram. “I’m feeling so blessed. Honestly, what is this life?’

Huntergirl went on to perform“Red Bird” during the Jimmie Allen set as well. She thanked Allen for inviting her onto the stage. “I can’t believe I got to play on the Chevy Riverfront Stage at CMA fest. I am freaking out!! Huge thank you to Jimmie Allen for inviting me on stage to sing ‘Red Bird’. You are the best! I have dreamed of playing CMA Fest for forever.”

Noah Thompson Talks Music Plans After ‘American Idol’ Win 

During a recent interview with Spectrum News, Noah Thompson opened up about winning “American Idol” and his future plans. “It’s unbelievable. Like, my whole family, we’re all just kind of blown away by it. We’re still trying to take it all in, because it’s just life changing, you know? It is life changing.”

The “American Idol” winner further shared his son’s reaction to his quick rise to fame. “He has no idea. He just turned one recently, so he’s just still a little thing, but he’ll know soon enough.”

Also speaking about what’s important to him and his music career, Thompson stated, “I’m trying to show people who I really am—that I enjoy cutting grass; I like riding motorcycles, you know what I mean?  It’s simple things that I love to do.”

Thompson went on to add that fame isn’t as important as showing the world exactly who he really is. “It’s not flashing lights, and, you know, big fancy trucks, whatever. That’s not what makes me happy, but I love playing music, and that’s what I’m doing, you know? It’s not the money for me—I just love to play music.”