‘American Idol’ Contestant Ava Maybee: Everything to Know About Famous Rocker’s Daughter Eliminated From Season 20

by Taylor Cunningham

Ava Maybee made some waves after being eliminated from American Idol this week. And though she wasn’t crowned the winner of the iconic TV show, it seems that she may still be the next big thing in music.

As of yet, very little is known about the incredibly talented singer. But if you’re interested in knowing more, we’ve got the details. Read on to learn more.

Ava Maybee has some serious musical talent running through her blood. She is the daughter of Red Hot Chili Pepper drummer Chad Smith. Smith has been with the group since he replaced D.H. Peligro in 1988. And he’s since helped the rockers earn two Grammys.

Maybee has been training her vocals since she was a toddler and performing since the age of five. According to her personal website, she started out by singing the national anthem at Lakers and Dodgers games. And she’s been doing so since she was a teenager.

But when she started her climb to fame, the singer was not going by Ava Maybee. Like most celebrities, the artist has taken a stage name. Though, hers isn’t completely made up.

Ava Maybee is actually her first and middle name. Her last name is a hyphenation of her mother and father’s names, Cardoso-Smith. But she figures her full name would be a mouthful for fans and radio hosts, so she chopped it in half.

And with that title, Maybee has already released a handful of singles. Some tunes are remakes by singers such as Sam Cooke, Amy Winehouse, Carole King, and Janis Joplin. But the songstress hasn’t just relied on other famous works to earn her a reputation in the industry. Maybee has also dropped a few original works. Her most recent single is called Mood Swings.

‘American Idol’ Contestant Ava Maybee is Working on her Bachelor’s Degree

To help Ava Maybee’s chances of becoming a Grammy-winning singer one day, the recently eliminated contestant isn’t just relying on her American Idol fame. Ava Maybee is also learning all about music while working on a bachelor’s degree at New York University.

The 20-year-old student is currently in her junior year at the school. And before getting into NYU she was a part of its NYU/Tisch/Clive Davis School of Music High School Program, which isn’t an easy feat. Before that, she also took classes with Interlochen’s Songwriter and Rock Program during the summers.

And finally, Howard Stern agrees with the rest of the internet—Ava Maybee should have won American Idol. On a recent episode of his show, Stern spoke with her dad. And after gushing about her talent, the host shared what we all wish were true.

“I was thinking Ava’s gonna win American Idol,” he said.