‘American Idol’ Is Down to Its Top 5: Here’s Who Made the Cut

by Leanne Stahulak

This past weekend, “American Idol” narrowed down to its Top 5, meaning we’re only a few short weeks away from the season finale.

Last week, the contestants competed in Disney Night to see who would make it into our Top 7. The advancing contestants included HunterGirl, Leah Marlene, Nicolina, Jay Copeland, Christian Guardino, Noah Thompson, and Fritz Hager. During yesterday’s episode, those contestants all sang two songs to earn America’s vote. And, unfortunately, two of them did not earn enough to advance to the Top 5 of this season of “American Idol.”

According to TVLine, the first round of songs all came from viral TikTok videos. The second round was inspired by Mother’s Day tributes. Most of the contestants sang live, although Thompson and Hager both tested positive for COVID-19 before the show. So, Thompson performed live from his hotel room, while Hager performed through a previous rehearsal recording.

Let’s break down who advanced and who went home after performing their two songs.

Here’s Who Made It Into the Top 5 on ‘American Idol’

And the first safe contestant was… Leah Marlene! She absolutely killed a performance of “Electric Love” by BORN for her TikTok hit. The second song she sang, in dedication to her mom, was “Sanctuary.” You might recognize it from the TV show “Nashville,” which apparently she watched with her mom growing up. Could it get any sweeter than that?

HunterGirl, our second member of the Top 5, certainly tried to top it. She rocked out to Tate McRae’s “You Broke Me First,” sticking with her guns in the country genre. The Tennessee native also nailed her rendition of Lauren Alaina’s “Like My Mother Does,” a fitting song for the day.

Nicolina rounded out the trio of women who advanced to “American Idol” Season 20’s Top 5. A TikToker herself, Nicolina tackled Heart’s hit song “Alone,” knocking it out of the park. Then, she switched things up a bit with Pentatonix’s “Light in the Hallway” to honor her mom.

Fritz Hager, from his pre-recorded rehearsals, surprised everyone with not one, but two original songs this week. The Top 5 contender performed “All My Friends” and “The Ocean” to earn his spot in next week’s competition. And, even from a rehearsal recording, you can tell that Hager deserves it. If he had actually been able to perform on stage, it would’ve blown the audience away even more.

And finally, the last “American Idol” contestant to make it through to the Top 5 was none other than Noah Thompson. He decided to perform live from his hotel room, not have a pre-recorded rehearsal at the ready. Thompson started off with “Painted Blue” by Sunday Best. Then, Thompson dedicated Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” to his late grandmother in the sweetest tribute.

So, unfortunately, this means that Jay Copeland and Christian Guardino did not make the cut on “American Idol” this week. The two powerhouse singers will be sorely missed but have a great future ahead of them in the music industry.

Make sure you don’t miss next week’s episode, where the Top 5 are mentored by a well-known “American Idol” alum and country superstar.