‘American Idol’: Everything You Need to Know About the Season 20 Finale

by Taylor Cunningham

The season 20 finale of American Idol is hitting ABC this weekend, and we have all the details on the star-studded celebration.

Since Hollywood week premiered on March 28th, fans and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie have helped narrow down the competition from 24 singers to three—Noah Thompson, HunterGirl, and Leah Marlene. And soon, those hopefuls will battle to make TV history and win a deal with Hollywood Records.

Like most finales in the past, season 20’s will include some familiar faces and epic duets. The singers will also have to fight for the crown by performing very specific and challenging songs.

One of those challenges is to sing an original tune that they recorded last week. And following that, the top three will need to belt a Bruce Springsteen classic. The Oscar-winning songwriter and Grammy-winning singer’s music is the theme of the finale this year.

After the contestants give their solo performances, they’ll move on to duets.

Katy Perry and Leah Marlene will sing Perry’s hit Firework together. Luke Perry and his star, HuterGirl, will duet Randy Travis’s I Told You So. And Noah Thompson will take the stage with Melissa Etheridge. The judges did not reveal what tune Thompson and Etheridge will sing.

‘American Idol’ Finale to Have Major Celebrity Appearances

And we can’t forget about the celebrity appearances. American Idol finales historically showcase performances by major singers, and this year is no different.

Season 4 champion Carrie Underwood will grace the stage on Sunday night, and season 16’s Gabby Barrett will also give fans a mini-concert. Other guest singers will include James Arthur, Deana Carter, Michael Bublé, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Flo Rida. Also, Melissa Etheridge will sing a solo after pairing with Thompson.

With thee hours to fill, that list does not conclude with those the special appearances, though. Ben Platt, Thomas Rhett, and Tai Verdes will also be giving performances. And some of the guest stars will be pairing up with a few of the top 10 finalists, too.

Buble’ will be singing a diddy with Christian Guardino, who made it to the Top 7. Earth, Wind, and Fire will work with Jay Copeland. Platt will duet with Lady K. And Carter will take the stage with Mike Parker.

And for a special treat, Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry will sing their duet Where We Started. Lionel Richie will also give a performance. But as of yet, he’s been completely silent about his song or songs.

The American Idol three-hour finale event begins this Sunday (May 22) at 8 p.m. on ABC, ABC. com, and the ABC app. If you cant catch the show live, it will drop on Hulu the following day.