‘American Idol’ Fans React After Luke Bryan’s Hilarious Tumble During Concert

by Taylor Cunningham

American Idol fans are giving Luke Bryan props for handling his recent on-stage fall with such grace.

The Country singer took the hilarious tumble on July 9th, while making a stop in Raliegh, North Carolina for his Raised Up Right tour.

As he was belting out the lyrics to his 2013 single That’s My Kind Of Night, he asked the crowd to join in. The energy put him in the mood to bust a move, but he wasn’t quite balanced enough to pull it off. And while trying to get down low, he fell flat on his back. Don’t worry, Luke Bryan was not injured—physically or emotionally.

Instead of jumping up or letting embarrassment get the best of him, Bryan stayed right where he was. For several minutes, the 46-year-old just lay on the floor and continued with the song. He even added some hip thrusts for good measure.

Fans Are Lighting up Social Media After Luke Bryan Makes the Best Out of a Bad Situation

Because Luke Bryan was such a good sport about the mishap, fans have been busy chatting about it on social media. Some people are a little concerned that he may have smiled through an actual injury. But mostly, they’re just amused by his reaction.

“And he kept singing too! Luke should be nominated for Entertainer of the Year, after this [happened]!! And his kind of night indeed!!” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“Luke Bryan – ‘The Consummate Professional’! Only Luke Bryan could turn a ‘slip and fall’ (from a wet stage) – into his act! Making fans, “Roar”, as he, “repeatedly – lifted his hips toward the sky”…in tune with the music, of course! Drop the [mic],” another added.

Some fans even openly admitted that they wish they could be more like Bryan. Because being able to laugh at yourself is indeed a rare and admirable quality.

“That’s probably the least embarrassing fall I’ve ever seen!” So graceful!” someone gushed. “Why can’t I fall like this?”

“Stay humble and continue to never take yourself too seriously,” added another. “It’s why so many of us love you like we do.”

So what exactly led Bryan to fall? Just as the above commenter noted, the stage was wet. The concert actually got off to a late start thanks to a rain delay. So the dance floor was still a little slick. Once Bryan stood up and carried, his crew members ran out to check on him. And once they realized he was doing just fine, they proceeded to mop up some puddles with rags.