‘American Idol’ Fans Voice Concerns Over Randy Jackson’s Reunion Episode Appearance

by Shelby Scott

“American Idol” fans were thrilled to see the show’s original judges, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, make a return to the set. However, after posing for a photo alongside “American Idol’s” current judges, the show’s fans began voicing concerns over Jackson’s extreme weight loss and supposedly frail frame.

According to The U.S. Sun, many “American Idol” fans voiced concern about Randy Jackson’s health across social media. Some began noticing the change in his physical appearance during his time hosting FOX’s “Name That Tune.”

“Is Randy Jackson ok?” one of the show’s viewers posted, adding the emoji for praying hands afterward.

Another fan said, “Randy Jackson is so thin. I’m worried about him.”

Following his recent appearance on “American Idol,” viewers shared further comments regarding the former judge’s significant weight loss.

Yet another viewer asked, “Is Randy Jackson ok? He’s looking a bit emaciated.”

Abdul and Jackson were two of numerous “American Idol” alums to return to the show during the reunion episode. Randy Jackson served as one of the judges on the singing show up until his departure following season 12.

Despite fans’ concerns, Jackson shared he was happy to be back on the “American Idol” set. He also expressed disbelief at how fast time has flown since serving as a judge.

Randy Jackson’s Strict Health Regimen Following ‘American Idol’

Although fans remain concerned about the former “American Idol” judge, Randy Jackson attributes the change to a strict health regimen.

As per the news outlet, Randy Jackson weighed 350 pounds during his earlier seasons on “American Idol.” Eventually, he underwent gastric bypass surgery. Jackson later addressed his struggle with type 2 diabetes after the surgery.

In speaking about his transformation, the former “American Idol” judge said he’d spent his life “eating his way through poor habits.”

Since beginning his weight loss journey, Randy Jackson has lost more than 100 pounds. However, some “American Idol” fans think it might be too much. However, he previously shared that his health journey is still a work in progress.

During a 2021 appearance on the “Today Show,” Randy Jackson said, “I started on this health regimen many years ago when I was on ‘American Idol.'”

He explained that while he had previously lost “a ton of weight,” he eventually began to gain it back.

The U.S. Sun reports Randy Jackson has lost a total of 115 pounds since undergoing his surgery, maintaining better eating habits since. While the former “Idol” star watches what he eats more closely, he explained that he never deprives himself of food, and eats in moderation.

At 65 years old, the outlet states Randy Jackson has just recently reappeared in the public light after “Name That Tune” and the recent “American Idol” reunion episode.