‘American Idol’ Fans Voice Support for Noah Thompson After Health Issue Forced Him to Perform From Hotel Room

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that Noah Thompson was forced to perform from his hotel room after testing positive for COVID-19, “American Idol” fans voiced their support for the 20th season contestant. 

While writing about his in-hotel “American Idol” performance, Noah Thompson stated in an Instagram post, “Yes, I’m performing from my room! Was not planned. I’d much rather be on that stage with the other contestant. But COVID said otherwise!! Voice is pretty rough, but I’m gonna give it my all guys. Thank y’all so much for any support.”

After his performance, “American Idol” fans took to Noah Thompson’s Instagram post to praise him for his performance. “Literally in tears,” one fan shared. “You are so incredible. Tonight you sounded absolutely unbelievable.”

Another fan went on to share, “You did amazing tonight!!!! Sing like you’re in the hotel room every time. Been voting for you since the beginning.”

During his “American Idol” performance, Noah Thompson performed “Painted Blue” by Sunday Best and “Landslide,” by Fleetwood Mac. He shared an update with viewers, “I’m getting by, man. It sucks. This is my first time having COVID. I’m getting through it though.”

However, “American Idol” judge Lionel Richie stated that COVID-19 may actually work in Noah Thompson’s favor. “You know, when you’re sick, you’re sounding a lot better,” the judge explained. “When I say that, the believability, the growl in your voice. That texture. That’s called selling, man.”

Fellow “Idol” judge Katy Perry agreed with Richie’s observation. “I think adrenaline took over, Noah. And I think you had to surrender. You did the best that you have ever done tonight.”

Despite performing from his hotel room, Noah Thompson made it through to the next round. He’s in the Top 5. 

Noah Thompson Reveals What Inspired His Music Interest

While speaking to Billboard recently about what inspired his interest in music, Noah Thompson shared that his father had a major influence on him. “He was always playing the guitar. I get up around him being in a band. So I was listening to a lot of different instruments at a really early age. My dad wrote songs. His band was trying to make it. And that’s all he thought about.”

In regards to when he realized he had musical talent, Noah Thompson added, “I would sing in the shower but I would never sing in front of people. I’ve always been so shy. I started letting people hear me sing around the time I was in high school. I was getting good responses but I didn’t think I had a good enough voice to do things. But people were pushing me to sing more and more and now I’m here.”