‘American Idol’ Finalist Grace Leer Opens Up About Her First Single

by Samantha Whidden

Two years after making it to the Top 11 of “American Idol” season 18, Grace Leer is ready to release her first single, “After One.”

During a recent interview, the “American Idol” alum spoke about the single, which is about heartbreak and trying to move on from someone while always reliving memories after one drink. 

Speaking about her time on “American Idol,” Geer shared, “The experience on ‘American Idol’ was amazing. I truly wouldn’t be here without it. It was an amazing stepping stone and opportunity for me to do what I love. And it was a very interesting season with it being during 2020. But yeah, I look back on [the show] and I’m just so grateful for that experience. 

Following the TV show, Geer ended up moving to Nashville with her mom to continue working on her music.  Along with discussing the “After One,” the “American Idol” star stated that she toured with Logan Mize. The duo has also released a new track, “Nothing With You.” 

Leer then shared that life on the road has been hectic for her. However, she has learned a lot from the experience. 

Leer’s debut EP will be released in September 2022.

‘American Idol’ Finalist Grace Leer Says She’s Been Putting Out ‘A Lot of Heartbreak Songs’ Lately

In an interview with Taste of Country last month, “American Idol” star Grace Leer spoke about new her songs.  “I’ve been putting out a lot of heartbreak songs lately,” Leer explained. “Every time I play live, I apologize for playing another heartbreak song. It’s funny, because I’m actually in a very happy relationship right now.”

Meanwhile, Leer gets more in-depth about her “After One” track. “We’ve all been in those relationships where you’re trying hard to move on from someone, but you keep going back to that person and those memories after you have that one drink. That’s the drink that just kind of loosens you up enough to start reliving those memories of that relationship. Sometimes, you just can’t get away from it.”

Leer further explained that the single felt so out of her comfort zone, but in a good way. “I think the writing session for this song just opened me up to the fact that music should be a place where you are constantly creating something new and different. And for me, this was that song that was different than anything I’d done.”

In regards to what song she had on her mind while writing “After One,” Geer answered, “I had the Chicks’ song ‘No Ready to Make Nice’ in my brain when we were in the studio that day. I wanted to put some dark strings on it and some cool mandolin, and [my producer] did such a great job of taking the violin and just making it sound big and dramatic. So yea, it was kind of reminded me of the Chicks a little bit.”