‘American Idol’ Finalist Leah Marlene Hopes To Go on Tour Soon

by Samantha Whidden

Days after the season 20 finale of “American Idol,” finalist Leah Marlene reveals she is hoping to go on tour soon.

While speaking exclusively to HollywoodLife, Leah Marlene said she is hoping to put a tour together with fellow “American Idol” contestant, Fritz Hager. Ideally, we really want to put a tour together with us too,” Marlene explained. “And that’ll be much more songs written on the road and stuff. You’ll definitely be hearing from the duo of Leah and Fritz.”

Leah Marlene said that she and Hager are trying to figure out the next steps for themselves at the moment. However, she reassured everyone that there will be “Leah and Fritz” content. “Lots of it,” she noted. 

When asked about the dating rumors between her and the other “American Idol” contestant, Leah Marlene said as soon as she and Hager became duet partners during Hollywood Week, they could see the chemistry. “I think it’s great. I mean, he’s like a brother to me. We very much know where we stand with each other, and that’s not anything that’s ever going to happen between us. But the more people are talking about us, I’ll take it.”

In regards to what kind of music genre she’s interested in, Leah Marlene answers, “I’ve always loved to do everything. In this industry, to a certain extent, you have put yourself in a niche. I will never allow myself to be boxed into anything, but I do think the next record that I make is going to have a particular sound to it, and it’s not going to be every sound under the planet.”

Leah Marlene came in third place during the season 20 finale. HunterGirl is runner-up and Noah Thompson is the winner of the season.

Following ‘American Idol,’ Leah Marlene Says She’s Ready to Move Away From Home 

Meanwhile, “American Idol” star Leah Marlene spoke about how she is planning to move from her Illinois hometown the first chance she gets. “I did spend a few years in Nashville when I went to school there, and I’m honestly at a crossroads.”

Leah Marlene further revealed that she’s not quite sure if she’s planning to move to Los Angeles or Nashville. “I think right now, as soon as I get back home, I’ve got to settle things a little bit. But I’m probably going to spend some time with friends in Nashville for a few weeks, so I can just be doing things while the dust settles.”

The “American Idol” finalist further explained that she doesn’t want to sit around at home and do nothing. “I’m ready to go do the work. I think I’m going to go to Nashville for a bit until I figure out where I’m actually going to sign a lease and what’s going to make the most sense for me in the long term as far as location.”