‘American Idol’ Finalist Praises Show for Not Airing ‘Really Bad’ Auditions

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly 10 years after her season of “American Idol” runner-up Jessica Sanchez praises the TV competition for finally removing really bad auditions from the show. 

While speaking to Insider, the “American Idol” finalist said she understands the cringy clips were to get attention from viewers. However, she believes that the mocking tone was too mean. “It’s tough because I can tell that a lot of these people are really bad,” she explained. “Like some of them are just really bad and they just don’t know it. And some of them are really bad and they just want to be on TV.”

Sanchez further explained that a lot of great “American Idol” contestants put their “blood, sweat, and tears” into their music. Those are the types of contestants should be shown instead of the people chasing “reality-TV fame.”

“If you’re going to have airtime, you should be pushing for people that are really series about music,” she continued. “And that have really been dedicating their lives to it.”

Sanchez then said she is happy that “American Idol” has done less of the bad auditionees. She added that the show is focused on those who are promising. 

“American Idol” runner from season nine, Crystal Bowersox, also said that the show’s producers would purposefully send some people forward fully knowing that they were just simply going to make fun of them, crush their dreams, and send them home. Bowersox then added she is happy that “American Idol” is moving from ridiculing auditionees. “It’s bullying, and I’m glad that they don’t do that anymore.”

Other ‘American Idol’ Contestants Open Up About the Auditioning Process

Insider further reports that multiple “American Idol” contestants have revealed that auditionees go through several screening rounds in front of producers before performing for the judges. In fact, famous season three auditionee, William Hung, previously revealed to the media outlet that he through two preliminary auditions before he was cleared to sing Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” to the judges. 

“I actually picked ‘Two Worlds’ by Phil Collins because I thought it was better for my vocal range,” Hung recalled. When an “American Idol” producer then asked him if there was another song he could perform, he went with “She Bangs.”

“I thought it was a very fun Latin son,” Hung then explained. “Very unique compared to all the other pop songs I was listening to on the radio, and that’s why I wanted to go for it.”

Hung also said that even though he was expecting a rejection, it still bothered him. “I thought, ‘I can stay positive,’” he went on to add. “‘I can walk away with my head held high’. Because most people are not going to make it to Hollywood, including myself.”